Crappy Hollydays
GenreYoung Adult / Drama
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 23 March 2010
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(4 ratings)
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Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Savannah Ripley seems to have gained everything she's worked hard for in order to fit in with the popular kids at Paramount. But when rumors start to flare about her and best friend Holly Drake, things start to get complicated with their boyfriends. Reese McKinley finds out the shocking truth about Palma Voorhees, vowing to keep it a secret from Andy Simms. But how long will she keep the secret hidden? Meanwhile, Elisha Carpenter and Mark Garwood are trying to make their relationship work, but more than usual their interactions with each other keeps clashing. Deep in the lives of Paramount, happiness begins to unwrap with folds of tragedy.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 November
Ch. 2 Too Damn Long
Ch. 3 Remember
Ch. 4 Drama
Ch. 5 You've Got To Stop
Ch. 6 Rumors
Ch. 7 Song Lyrics
Ch. 8 Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello
Ch. 9 Silence Is Golden
Ch. 10 Carmen
Ch. 11 Cookies And Cream
Ch. 12 Pavannah
Ch. 13 Double Date
Ch. 14 Fix It
Ch. 15 Leave It To Beaver
Ch. 16 No Thanks Giving
Ch. 17 Going State
Ch. 18 Seek-&-Find
Ch. 19 Love You
Ch. 20 A True Friend
Ch. 21 The Best Day Ever
Ch. 22 On The Watch
Ch. 23 Solving The Problem
Ch. 24 Ninja
Ch. 25 Multi-talented
Ch. 26 Color Me Clueless
Ch. 27 Tainted Love
Ch. 28 Champagne, Egg Nogg, Presents, and Friends
Ch. 29 Checkmate
Ch. 30 "You're Too Pretty"
Ch. 31 Merry Christmas
Ch. 32 New Year
Ch. 33 Where Is Palma?
Ch. 34 Savannah's song


AddyB1 Friday, 5 August 2011
I was sobbing :(
AddyB1 Friday, 5 August 2011
I was sobbing :(
AddyB1 Friday, 5 August 2011
:( awwww. Wow I feel sad now, like I really knew Palma, and I saw it. Omg.... :,(
AddyB1 Thursday, 4 August 2011
chapter with that snippet of cheerleading! I'm a cheerleader, and I hate it when people think it's just about being pretty. And DON'T KILL PALMA!! :(
MaddieBear c: Saturday, 18 June 2011
well she was so happy she could die...

palma's happiness killed :(

note to self:don't ever get to happy,don't say im so happy i could die,and check to make sure cars arn't coming when i run across the street.

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