In My Mind
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Submitted:Monday, 22 March 2010
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it's a waste if i let what had been playing in my mind remain unevaluated and criticized by other people. maybe some of them is a crap, but who knows until someone read and think about it?

i am a 3rd english learner from Malaysia, and English is not in my cultural environment.

but i won't let that stop me from making poem for others and myself.

that is why i need your professional comment and rate so that i can see where i stand - am i good enough or not in making a good poem.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 I Dreamt Once
Ch. 2 Mind In The View Of Freedom
Ch. 3 The Photograph
Ch. 4 Life Should Be Like Moss
Ch. 5 Madman's Line
Ch. 6 Night People
Ch. 7 Walk And Run
Ch. 8 The Other Side
Ch. 9 This Side
Ch. 10 The Skies Always Change
Ch. 11 Time Of The Day
Ch. 12 Thank You Lord
Ch. 13 Mother's Anthem
Ch. 14 A Heart That Lost
Ch. 15 Fool's Courage
Ch. 16 Lag Of The Mind
Ch. 17 The Barber Gave Me Smile
Ch. 18 Creeping Wall
Ch. 19 Lost To Hope
Ch. 20 Can Change
Ch. 21 Goodbye Coward
Ch. 22 What Is Love?
Ch. 23 Let Me Die And Leave Me
Ch. 24 Seeking
Ch. 25 Sky Is Always High
Ch. 26 I Hope In One Blue Morning
Ch. 27 Pheonix Rise
Ch. 28 Tree On Top Of The Hill
Ch. 29 should i be left alone
Ch. 30 if the farmer stopped
Ch. 31 simple tone - maybe? gimme idea what title should i give..
Ch. 32 the wall
Ch. 33 there is a girl with the retties garment
Ch. 34 time for the past
Ch. 35 calm
Ch. 36 some rude poem
Ch. 37 smile
Ch. 38 dead! dead! haha
Ch. 39 house
Ch. 40 let there be hope
Ch. 41 (new) Early Days
Ch. 42 (new. 26 April 2011) Psalm of the Sand of Time


Keri Monday, 2 September 2013
I like this poem, very well written!
expatriate Thursday, 22 November 2012
A warm and cozy writing expressing the experience well known of simply greeting the slow transition into a new day and all its wonder. Well done
Raimrod Z.C Wednesday, 12 January 2011
it's been a while since i put any new poem here. the last one seemed to be far too old (at least for me). i will put something sooner - but since right now i felt like i lost my touch (not like the usual inspiration :-( ) i had to work harder just to think of a decent verse. thanks for all your comment (and i do wish for more. the more the better i get) so do comment please. :D
Take My Dreams Friday, 5 November 2010
I disagree with Taz's comment. There are poetry out there, called free-verse, that don't have any rhythm.

I only read one poem, to be honest. I don't have time to read all of them! But I really enjoyed "Blow the Dandelion". I like that one the most. I have a book (on Worthy of Publishing) with poetry specifically about dandelions. I've never been the best poetry writer, but reading this, I can see you have quite an introspective mind.
Raimrod Z.C Tuesday, 31 August 2010
it's a long time since someone gives a comment(s)! and i like it. haha.. yea these are my earlier poems, when i am still green in literature ( and i am still). thanks for it. will check yours as well.

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