The Age of Laughter
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Submitted:Saturday, 20 March 2010
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Roland Schutzbach, Ph. D., Siwtzerland, philosopher of laughter and happiness, proclaims the Age of Laughter in his breathtaking and blissful writing. He explores the spiritual, philosophical and historical foundations and describes a global coalition of joy already in existence. His insights about the Laughing God open the view to a new philosophy and spirituality for humanity.
Roland travels the world with his inspired wife Christina. He includes the insights of these journeys in his reports about encounters and philosophical dialogues in Spain, Switzerland, India and Nepal where he meets happiness, joy and a deep understanding of life. In India, he experiences an inspired community which surpasses his own visions of a coalition of joy.
Roland also comments his findings by views back into his own biography which has been extraordinary from the beginning.
Inspiring connections between boundless laughter and deep spiritual traditions lead to the conclusion that each of us can happily transform the whole world by transforming himself. Roland describes new paradises which grow everywhere, and encourages to create new forms of happy community. Quotations and Comments about living masters of joy and about inspired visions in literature and philosophy broaden the perspective.
Roland is the author of the book “Lachend das Leben feiern” (Celebrate Life in Laughter), 2003, Bern, Switzerland, and wrote his doctoral thesis about “Living Communities”.


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Ch. 1 Introduction, hahahahaha!
Ch. 2 Cheerful Foundations