Paramount Charaters
GenreYoung Adult / Humour
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Saturday, 13 March 2010
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Some of these characters were inspired from other movies such as my favorite horror films.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Savannah Ripley
Ch. 2 Carter Atkins
Ch. 3 Andy Simms
Ch. 4 Holly Drake
Ch. 5 Reese McKinley
Ch. 6 Elisha Carpenter
Ch. 7 Justin Alvarado
Ch. 8 Judy Detillo
Ch. 9 Lucas Green
Ch. 10 Maris Fields
Ch. 11 Mark Garwood
Ch. 12 Davey Smith
Ch. 13 Dexter Kirkpatrick
Ch. 14 Arlene Simms (Andy's mother)
Ch. 15 Mrs. Livingston
Ch. 16 Ariel Simms
Ch. 17 Coach Hauserman
Ch. 18 Rebecca Simms
Ch. 19 Ethan Simms (Andy's dad)
Ch. 20 Marjorie Taylor (Savannah's mom)
Ch. 21 Eddie Ripley (Savannah's biological dad)
Ch. 22 Dave Smith (Savannah's step-dad)
Ch. 23 Mrs. Tricia (Savannah's hairstylist and family friend)
Ch. 24 Palma Voorhees
Ch. 25 Tamara Weiss
Ch. 26 Jamie Klein
Ch. 27 Demi Pohoryles
Ch. 28 Evan Cross
Ch. 29 Dominique Ogilvy
Ch. 30 Melissa Johnston
Ch. 31 Stephanie Dice
Ch. 32 Gigi Linderman
Ch. 33 Kayla Drake
Ch. 34 Jen Nguyen
Ch. 35 Danielle Klasky
Ch. 36 Lauren Drake (Holly's mom)
Ch. 37 Robert Drake (Holly's Dad)
Ch. 38 Marcia Atkins (Carter's mom)
Ch. 39 Gregory Atkins (Carter's dad)
Ch. 40 Chris Atkins
Ch. 41 Damien Marshall
Ch. 42 Buzz Simms
Ch. 43 Tippet Ripley
Ch. 44 Able Atkins
Ch. 45 Karyn Harrison
Ch. 46 Courtney Hofstadter
Ch. 47 Lettie Eliopoulos
Ch. 48 Alice Jones
Ch. 49 Vinnie Spinelli
Ch. 50 Monica Christy
Ch. 51 Carmen Martinez
Ch. 52 Vi Dzerzhinsky
Ch. 53 Kimmie Tankersly
Ch. 54 Erica Nasso
Ch. 55 Nicole Lyon
Ch. 56 Heather Gleason
Ch. 57 Megan Finnegan
Ch. 58 Shelbi Glick
Ch. 59 The Darling Twins
Ch. 60 Cheyenne Davis
Ch. 61 Ghazal Mustafa
Ch. 62 Carol Weinstein


Tom Dicker Thursday, 14 December 2017
Am I missing something ???I don't get this at all???What are charaters?Do you mean characters ?
Olafferty Tuesday, 21 January 2014
Love the hair!
EvanescenceFreak Sunday, 7 July 2013
The last picture looks like how Selena Gomez would look with blonde hair. My opinion though
Ka hona Thursday, 7 March 2013
Where is Savannah's step-brother though? You never showed a picture for him...
EMOlover Monday, 1 October 2012
That looks like Billi Piper ( actress who played Rose on Doctor Who) :)

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