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Submitted:Monday, 15 February 2010
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There are words inside of each of us. Words that tell when we're happy, sad, in love, angry. But not everyone can see these words... The select few that can either pour them out in writing, song, or another art. That's what I attempt to do through my writing. I'm trying to capture those words in poems about both life and death. I hope you like them.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Cover Page
Ch. 1 One Time
Ch. 2 Breeze
Ch. 3 Deathly Parade
Ch. 4 Untitled
Ch. 5 Malcreation
Ch. 6 A Day In The Life
Ch. 7 The Riddle of the Earth
Ch. 8 Just Fine
Ch. 9 She Shivers and She Cries
Ch. 10 But a Dream
Ch. 11 Thunder and Lightning
Ch. 12 Shattered Beauty
Ch. 13 Only In Her Head
Ch. 14 Fingers
Ch. 15 Snakes


BriCo Monday, 14 November 2011
I have read all of them and they are all really good but this one is my favorite. I don't no why there's just something about it that call to me. Good job keep putting them out there for us to read. When you have time you should check out my book. Shadow World.
Doomydoomdomm Wednesday, 13 July 2011
how true..
Doomydoomdomm Wednesday, 13 July 2011
I like how you have the three things: a gun, a knife, and poison. There sort of repeated in a structural way throughout the whole poem.
A.J. McCloud Thursday, 9 December 2010
Oh the Irony! I laughed at this one. The whole time I was waiting for that twist. You're getting very good at twisting fate.
A.J. McCloud Thursday, 9 December 2010
I like this one very much. It's a nice twist on the murder scene.

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