The heart broken's journal
GenrePoetry / Drama
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 11 February 2010
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My knight,
his heart is mine.
But I don't want it.
I want my band geek.
He made me smile even if I didn't want to.
He made my insides flutter.
I can honestly say I loved him.
I think I still do.
But that is not fair to you,
My knight.
I'm not sure what to do.
I need to forget my band geek.
Before I get with you.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Cover.
Ch. 2 My Knight.
Ch. 3 Freedom
Ch. 4 What i need.
Ch. 5 My knight & my band geek
Ch. 6 Benutzt
Ch. 7 closed off
Ch. 8 Leave
Ch. 9 you.
Ch. 10 guidance
Ch. 11 unstable decisions
Ch. 12 this blade.
Ch. 13 bye.
Ch. 14 single
Ch. 15 SIDS
Ch. 16 don't do it
Ch. 17 aggravated
Ch. 18 Triangle talk
Ch. 19 Forgiveness
Ch. 20 Rick parden my french
Ch. 21 Slowly
Ch. 22 Thank you jesus.
Ch. 23 My life.
Ch. 24 whats happening?
Ch. 25 The game.
Ch. 26 player of hearts.
Ch. 27 It.
Ch. 28 This is it.
Ch. 29 Rejection
Ch. 30 The return of the knight.
Ch. 31 church boys.
Ch. 32 The perfect day.
Ch. 33 Red bull
Ch. 34 friends.
Ch. 35 never ending thoughts
Ch. 36 My plans for future.
Ch. 37 my father
Ch. 38 my mother, parents, and I
Ch. 39 depressed
Ch. 40 Its complicated.
Ch. 41 homecoming
Ch. 42 unconditionally
Ch. 43 My friends.
Ch. 44 a month
Ch. 45 My prayer.


EngyElkassas Thursday, 16 April 2015
This is amazing!
BrunoLover101 Thursday, 9 August 2012
:( Memories...

LOVE! <3
BrunoLover101 Thursday, 9 August 2012
LOVE!! <3
BrunoLover101 Thursday, 9 August 2012
LOVE! <3

This poem reminds me of punk... and my beloved :( Deppressing.
BrunoLover101 Thursday, 9 August 2012
LOVE! <3

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