Why can't they just Get Over It?
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Depression steals lives, takes a happy healthy person and leaves them in total despair. Family and friends are unable to understand, and the sufferer is unable to explain.

Itís been ten days, each day you have strived to make it over the first mountain, only to see it was not the only one. Each morning you awake to find that same peak needing to be climbed again. Your optimism is little more than the morning dew, leaving you with despair, dread and fear, as your only companions.

Try to think how you are going to feel on day eleven, what about day fifteen? It is highly probable that sometime within the following days you will begin to wonder what the point of all is. Should you even bother getting out of bed? How energised are you going to be to start your day when it begins like this?

The realisation that you are never going to get home will follow shortly after. You may as well get used to being here. It is that realisation that allows you to give in.
What if the realisation itself is false, what if you could go home if you just try once more.

Those of us who suffer from depression donít have endless hills to climb, thatís true. What we do have however is the overwhelming feeling of complete despair and isolation. There is also no feeling of hope, no visions of light at the end of the tunnel, there is nothing but the feeling that today is just as bad as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same and there is absolutely no way out.

But there is a way out..... I made it out and so can you or your loved one


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Note to All Readers
Ch. 2 So why can't they get over it
Ch. 3 Imagery Exercise
Ch. 4 The Way Out
Ch. 5 Physical Depression
Ch. 6 What Can We Do?


GoldLipstick Sunday, 20 March 2011
i really like your sense of humor, the falling into a well thing made me laugh.

i wouldn't really say i am depressed anymore, although i was for a very long time before.

i agree with everything you wrote except for one thing.

based on my experience, you can control your feelings, your depression. the only way to do so is the realization that you can. not the thought "i can", but that feeling of confidence, that feeling not thought of "i can", which is especially had to create when you are depressed. but not impossible. it all starts with imagination.

i used to get chest pains from my depression, thinking back to that dark time of my life makes me have a little one now in reminiscence. but im not worried, i can make it dissapear if i decide to. the way i got those chest pains to stop, was by believing. i had accepted my feelings as being uncontrollable, so they were. i had control over wether i had control or not, i just did not realize that.

the first time i made my feelings go away i was lying in bed feeling really heavy and my chest hurt. sometimes i would drink cool water, it eased the muscles. miraculously i closed my eyes and imagined a world were i had full control over everything. i imagined that world, without a doubt of it being real or not. it was the only reality of the moment. my imagination was reality. i focused on the pain i had in my heart. i decided that i was god over my body, and that if i willed it to go away, it would. i imagined the pain bursting into cool droplets of water, fading. i imagined how it would feel like if it were real. it felt real. I opened my eyes, the pain was gone. it was all real.

i didnt think the whole time, it was really like meditation. i thought with my feelings, not with words. i thought with the part of my brain that controlled my feelings not my thoughts. you cant use your rational brain to control your feelings because that is not its function, you think thoughts through your the rational part of your brain and feel through the emotional part of your brain. when the two aren't as in sync as they should be your thoughts have little control over what you feel. just like your rational brain conjures words/thoughts in your head at will, you can train the emotional part of your brain to conjure feelings at will too.

the solution is too simple. the way out is by controlling your feelings, not your thoughts. and to control your feelings you got to envision a place inside your head were things go your way, focus on what you are feeling, and destroy it. and the whole time you can't analyze anything. analyzation destroys imagination. so don't think when you do this exercise.

oh wow i wrote a shitload. my point: you can control your feelings.
shanniebear Saturday, 29 January 2011
you forgot chocolate! Chocolate is a proved anti-depressant. mhhmmmm..... chocolate,......
I found your book awesome. My friends are going through the same thing. You should do a chapter on the effects on others. I know that i'm so busy trying to help them, i forget about myself, or i involve myself in their problems too much, causing me stress
R. J. Friday, 5 February 2010
You should read 'Diary of the Death Girl'. It is connected to what your talking about.
R. J. Friday, 5 February 2010
You should read 'Diary of the Death Girl'. It is connected to what your talking about.

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