Silent Voices (Updated)
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Submitted:Thursday, 4 February 2010
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Moments before you were trying to reach shore, now you are just trying to stay on the raft. You scream, and your fear screams back at you. You keep turning, hoping to see a way out, anything that would mean you are not alone here, not the only one facing your fears. You are alone... and your fear can sense your loneliness, your helplessness.

You are crying now, almost hysterical with fear. The fog suddenly lifts... just a little. You can see your friends in the distance, still on shore. They seem so far away, and yet close enough to see that they are crying out. You call out, but they canít seem to hear you.... maybe they can't see you either.

As suddenly as the fog lifted, it falls again, closing the breach. You are isolated once again, and you know deep within yourself that the fog will stay closed.... forever. From this moment on you know that you will be forever alone. Tears don't seem to be enough, you have cried so hard you feel empty inside, like you cried all that was good out and it drifted ... slowly... silently away. You curl into the foetal position and pray for the nightmare to end.

All that you were fighting for slips away from you like an illusive dream. You know you were fighting for something, for someone... but you cannot grasp hold of a single memory. You know the feeling of loneliness, and of despair. Somewhere there are others out there, but they arenít in the same space that you are in. You know you had someone, someone close.... but who was it. All feeling is gone, you are and will be eternally empty.

Dedicated to Joy Hill,

my motherís sister who chose to mother me

Thanks mom Joy I love you


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 What's Really in the Darkness - Imagery Exercise
Ch. 3 What happens Next
Ch. 4 A Great Big Thank You


BirdsCanFly Thursday, 4 February 2010
great intro, sorry that you lost some friends from this 'disease of grief' its sorrowing that most turn to suicide for an answer, thinking it'll lead them to somewhere else. That could be better but no one really knows what happens to you when you end your life, is isn't a better place than earth? Or do you fade away like the air? No clue.
I though too had thoughts of suicide across my mind. No attempts just thoughts.
I like where you are going with this, hope you write more.
Sorry for writing this looonnng comment :)

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