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Disclaimer: This photo is NOT mine.
These poems are writen in memory of my lost love and my for my present love of my love.
They are not just poems they are my untold feelings for my love and also for my friends.
Hope you enjoy reading them.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 In memory of my lost love
Ch. 2 How it used to be...
Ch. 3 What is it with Love ?
Ch. 4 No matter how far you are
Ch. 5 I Miss You
Ch. 6 Feelings of True Love
Ch. 7 My very first date
Ch. 8 For my bro who is gonna be dad soon..1
Ch. 9 For my bro who is gonna be dad soon.. 2
Ch. 10 My self-respect is what counts for me!
Ch. 11 How did this happen to me?
Ch. 12 Dear Moon...! Come to me
Ch. 13 I know u love me truly
Ch. 14 What has happened to me ?
Ch. 15 Sitting here thinking about you
Ch. 16 Thinking of you
Ch. 17 You're Someone Very Special to Me
Ch. 18 I think of your sweetness
Ch. 19 Thinking of you..
Ch. 20 I love you because
Ch. 21 Night and Day
Ch. 22 A Friend
Ch. 23 I feel like crying
Ch. 24 My heart is waiting for you
Ch. 25 Friends are special
Ch. 26 I seem to have spent all my life waiting
Ch. 27 Save the Earth
Ch. 28 Tears of Nature
Ch. 29 How do I explain to you... why I love you ?
Ch. 30 You're special to me
Ch. 31 Together u and I
Ch. 32 Can a soul be overgrown ?
Ch. 33 For a friend once you were
Ch. 34 Just three little words
Ch. 35 Lost in a blindng hot shower of stars
Ch. 36 Count on me, any old day.
Ch. 37 I'll be there for you...
Ch. 39 I sit and think
Ch. 41 missing you
Ch. 42 Thank you
Ch. 43 i miss u really so bad
Ch. 44 i just want to let you know
Ch. 45 i wish you
Ch. 46 You are the reason for me to live
Ch. 47 Even in pain my lips tend to smile
Ch. 48 Here's to my love
Ch. 49 Everyone is born for someone
Ch. 50 There are good men in every land
Ch. 51 My first Kiss...


LaurenHoward Monday, 25 June 2012
i love all of these so much. they really help me with whats going on. i dont now if pple really wanna here this but i just really want to get it out there.

i met these guys about 3 years ago, it was at a 50th bday party. they`re twins, and theyre both the sweetest guys i i had a huuge crush on them on just the first day of kbnowing them. it was hard, not knowing if i was going to see them again scince they lived so far away and we hadent got very close to eachother. so it hurt but then after about 5 months, imeat up witht them again back at the same persons house from where i met them. after about 2 months, i had fallen in love with them. it was even harder to decide which one i liked more scince all my friends convinced me that i cant be inlove with brothers let alone twins! i finally realised that there was only one of them that really accually seemed to care about me and he became my best friend. we talked all night and all day, we took every chance we got to talk to eachother. it was like a farytale, and it seemed so perfect. i loved him and i felt like he loved me too. i was on the verge of breacking and telling how i felt untill one day he texted me excitedly that he had a girlfriend. i broke, shut down. it killed and i cried my eyes out every night cousse he barely talked to me. he only talked to his girlfriend..well he did talk to me once in while but still, it really did hurt. he had my heart in his hands, wich i shouldent have let him, and he droped it. he let it shatter without even knowing it!!
we went on a cruise with both of our families and other frinds. he payed allot of attention to me and made me think that he might have feeling about me. we went in the hot-tub everynight and played around like little kids. my birthday came around on the cruse and thats when it all went down. he wouldent stop taling about his little girlfriend on the day of my birthday when he probably new that i loved him with all my heart. it killed and its been 3-4 months since the cruise and we havent talked at all since then. i see all of his little pictures with his gf and friends and them kissing and its like i dont exsit annymore! i just want to go up to him and just scream! ask him why he didnt care anymore, why he didnt want to talk. i was the one he went to to talk to, i suported him with his gf and helped him through his grandmas death. and he repays me with ignoring me. it still kills you dont accualy _ _ _ _?
Doomydoomdomm Sunday, 3 July 2011
its so sweet. now I feel happyish again..sorta
Doomydoomdomm Sunday, 3 July 2011
mneeh your making me remember stuff and your making me saaad.
and your a really good writer.
Doomydoomdomm Sunday, 3 July 2011
its saaad D:
UliMakaGirl Sunday, 19 June 2011
Would you PLEASE read mine, I Love You. Not!.... That is all I'll say....

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