Pandering the Crowd
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Submitted:Sunday, 24 January 2010
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A poetic sweep of the whole gamut of life's emotion.
Joyous happiness, despondency, rage, laughter, frustration and lust.

Bubbles of life condensed to poetic precis.

You shall find it all in this hatching of short punchy prose by Marshal Gebbie.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Addenum,
Ch. 2 Nell's Demise
Ch. 3 Perchance in a Bus Shelter
Ch. 4 On Gyroscopic Turn
Ch. 5 Liar Liar, Pants on Fire
Ch. 6 Taranaki Evensong
Ch. 7 Redness in Real Gold
Ch. 8 A Futile Fray
Ch. 9 Sad Day for Cocksuckers
Ch. 10 Layers Within Layers
Ch. 11 Tsunami
Ch. 12 Loose Lips in the War Zone
Ch. 13 Epiphany for Parsnips
Ch. 14 Water
Ch. 15 God Curse
Ch. 16 A Poet's Portmanto
Ch. 17 Of Man and Men
Ch. 18 Revelation in Blue
Ch. 19 Summer Love for Janet
Ch. 20 Will You Come to Terms?
Ch. 21 Christchurch is Bleeding
Ch. 22 Life's Blue Bubble
Ch. 23 Oh the Stories They Can Tell...
Ch. 24 The New Middle Manager
Ch. 25 Mutterings in the Church Yard
Ch. 26 A Quandary
Ch. 27 Translucence in Your Fevered Day
Ch. 28 March of the Chromosomes.
Ch. 29 Auntie Elaine Kingii
Ch. 30 A Gentleman's Man
Ch. 31 **NEVER**
Ch. 32 Rose Hips in the Morning Light
Ch. 33 NOW !
Ch. 34 This Brave New World
Ch. 35 Re Creation's Song
Ch. 36 Love that Left.
Ch. 37 Infanticide by Proxy
Ch. 38 Shades of Slumber
Ch. 39 Who's Going to Say You're Right Love?
Ch. 40 Distant Antecedents
Ch. 41 Aftermath
Ch. 42 Commitment
Ch. 43 The Last Cheroot
Ch. 44 We Just Lost the Human Race
Ch. 45 Have You Noticed How the Music Screams?
Ch. 46 A Passing Shadow
Ch. 47 Sufferance of a Bastard Malady
Ch. 48 Bridges Burnt
Ch. 49 "Sweet Pea"
Ch. 50 Prayer of the Baby Boomers
Ch. 51 "God's Amber"
Ch. 52 Etchings in Autumn
Ch. 53 Death of Innocence
Ch. 54 And Holy Bread...To Crust
Ch. 55 Monster on the Stairs
Ch. 56 Solliloquy to a Judgement
Ch. 57 Lonely is the Leader
Ch. 58 The Little Towns near Egmont
Ch. 59 Parable of the Unwritten
Ch. 60 Beneath Tall Pines
Ch. 61 On Bitterness
Ch. 62 A Blink in the Pink
Ch. 63 Thoughts Before Dawn
Ch. 64 About Time......
Ch. 65 Land's End
Ch. 66 Buried in Beryl Dov
Ch. 67 Of Spoiling, in Bruised Apple browns
Ch. 68 Running the Beast


expatriate Thursday, 22 November 2012
Cause and affect reasoning . . . . always good fodder for fine poetry and you have captured it wholly.
expatriate Thursday, 22 November 2012
It's a delight to find poetry here that has quality and thought given to it. This was a delight to read.
paul schoaff Friday, 10 June 2011
wonderful, exciting, colorful material. Rich and powerful.
Neil Evans Saturday, 14 August 2010
I can only say: beautiful.
ImaTurtle123 Sunday, 28 March 2010
I'm so

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