No Limits.
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Submitted:Sunday, 17 January 2010
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```Erika Newman is the new kid at Albuquerque High School. After two and a half years of moving constantly, she was happy for some stability. But what she wasn`t expecting was the absolute hatred she recieved from most of the students on her first day.
She was gorgeous.
She was new.
&& Gabriel Riley talked to her.
The silent, mysterious Gabriel Riley was the boy that spoke to no one, not even the teachers. Only communicated via written Notes. But he spoke to Erika, and she wants to know why.
But will he tell her?

```Okay, I had this idea for about two minutes, and I wasnt bothered to finish off one of my other books, so I was like 'Well, why not??' lol. I have always found the idea where there was the silent boy who never speaks to anyone very interesting, and actually slightly sexy, but thats just me. lol.
But i have never written about it until now, mainly because I have never had the right story, and because I am the total opposite to this type of person 60% of the time, so it is slightly foreign to me.
I am actually not sure how this will work out, but hopefully it will work. And i warn you now; my books are probably going to include goths and emo's from now on, as they are really cool, and awesome people, so if you are scared of Goths or Emos, you should read this, so you can see what cool nice people they really are.
P.S I will probably end up writing another book with a siliar idea to this oen, but a different story line,,, I didnt quite portray Gabriel in the way I wanted to in this one, even though it has only been like two chapters, but w/e.

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List of chapters

Ch. -1 Characters.
Ch. 0 Prologue - Introducing Gabriel Riley
Ch. 1 New Town, New House, New Life,,, Hopefully.
Ch. 2 My First Day At Albuquerque High,,, Fun.
Ch. 3 Adjusting To A New School Where No Body Likes You.
Ch. 4 Conversations With Note Boy,,, Fun? Yes. Informative? Yes. Helpful? No.


Avalon Maya. Tuesday, 22 June 2010
Kenzie,,, yeah, i'm just basing Ritchie on my little cousin. She still had a bottle at night time when she was three. So yeah. && so did i. :) but maybe im broken?? lol its just something i remember from when i was a child, && from my toddler cousins.
kenzie Friday, 11 June 2010
i like this alot but..ok i normaly dont sayanything but i have twin brothers and they stoped drinking formula before thy were 2 1/2 i thought i should tell you but they were eating baby food but we had to warm it up still i just thought i should tell you other than that great story :)
kenzie Friday, 11 June 2010
he's hot!
Grace Chung Friday, 23 April 2010
This is reaaallyy good. I`m adding it on my favourites.
pianocutie7 Tuesday, 20 April 2010

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