Being For The Benefit Of Paramount Kites
GenreYoung Adult / Humour
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 11 January 2010
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Homecoming is coming up along with spirit day, the anual kite show, the homecoming game, homecoming dance, and other fun events.
Savannah, Carter, Holly, Andy, Elisha, and Reese are anxious. Savannah is still searching for a date despite the fact that her parents have banned her from the dance. While Reese tries to find a date to the dance, Holly's trying to ditch her date for the dance. Andy's not sure if he should break up with Palma before or after homecoming and Carter has to face going to homecoming with his best friend Jamie.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Good Morning Good Morning
Ch. 2 Starbucks For Breakfast
Ch. 3 The Three Water Fountains
Ch. 4 Biology
Ch. 5 Fire Drill
Ch. 6 President Carpenter
Ch. 7 Finding A Date
Ch. 8 Cafeteria Ruckus
Ch. 9 By The Locker
Ch. 10 Study Hall
Ch. 11 Soccer Practice
Ch. 12 Miss Popularity
Ch. 13 Breaking Up
Ch. 14 Asking For Permission
Ch. 15 Game Over
Ch. 16 Homecoming Queen Nominee
Ch. 17 Girls' Bathroom
Ch. 18 What Guys Talk About
Ch. 19 Friend Or Foe?
Ch. 20 Cleanup Patrol
Ch. 21 Changing
Ch. 22 Andy and Savannah
Ch. 23 Elisha and Savannah
Ch. 24 "Above The Jokes"
Ch. 25 Shits And Giggles
Ch. 26 The Beauty Salon
Ch. 27 The River
Ch. 28 Tamara's Party
Ch. 29 "Enjoy Your Vacation!"
Ch. 30 Arriving In Ohio
Ch. 31 Kings Island
Ch. 32 "What's your trip?"
Ch. 33 Jealousy
Ch. 34 Elisha
Ch. 35 Room 314
Ch. 36 Room 315
Ch. 37 Can't Buy Me Love
Ch. 38 Savannah Sneaks Out
Ch. 39 The Search Party
Ch. 40 Nothing Is Real
Ch. 41 Saturday
Ch. 42 Sporty Day
Ch. 43 Homecoming
Ch. 44 The Parade
Ch. 45 It's A Fantastic Life
Ch. 46 Homecoming Party
Ch. 47 The Dance


lip.balms Monday, 5 January 2015
aimee0027 Wednesday, 10 July 2013
Loved it! But so confused as to which book is next!
Meg_x Tuesday, 28 August 2012
I think you got something wrong
You said, "Love you", said Andy instead of Lucas to Maris....
AddyB1 Monday, 1 August 2011
Mmm.... And I live in Cincinnati!!!
Heavan Friday, 29 July 2011
I love the Beatles theme you have going! :)

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