The Long Way Around
GenreDrama / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 11 August 2008
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(159 ratings)
Read by:1080 different readers

Step into the pages of the heart-wrenching diary of Victoria Linear, a Twenty-four year old college student, who faces an interruption in her life when she is attacked and raped by a strange man. Unsure of his motive, Victoria (Tori) and a new found lover set off to find answers as to the man's identity, and the identity of the father of the child Tori finds herself carrying. As the mystery unfolds, Tori is horrified to discover that the attack wasnít random; someone is intentionally trying to ruin her life, and possibly even take it away.


List of chapters

Ch. -1 What you might not know : Facts about rape- An author's note
Ch. 0 Prologue-
Ch. 1 "You're mine"


Mary-Annalee DiGiovanni Wednesday, 31 August 2011
Ms. Hathaway, if a comment is true, I dont take pitty on myself for recieving it. Considering the ones you just posted were my exact words on someone elses book that was quite different from mine, I know they have been placed on my story without legitimacy or thought. Had they been your own words, I would seriously consider them and try to improve what you suggested. Mind you, my comments on cinnamon zombies books were harsh to scold them in the same way you are trying to scold me, as they posted "jesus no, just delete this" on the book of a ten year old indonesian girl. I understand your irritation, but perhaps we can discuss this peacably through private message?

Take care,
Laura :)
Elena Hathaway Tuesday, 23 August 2011
- "Not enough description using all the senses. Poor sentence flow in many places. Some redundancies and too many words and phrases that don't seem original or attenton-grabbing."

- "You start most of your sentences with 'I.' It sounds repetitive and makes readers lose interest."

- "Too many useless adverbs that could be deleted."

- "You tell us too much about 'I'. Don't use 'I' unless you absolutely have to....There was nothing gripping about it."

- "I'm done. There's nothing keeping my attention."

Not so nice when someone's raining on YOUR book, is it?
Mal Sunday, 10 July 2011
lost in thought Tuesday, 22 February 2011
amazing! well done!! i enjoyed this. the wording was great, i didn't want to stop reading. great job.

could you read one of my books, i'd appreciate it. thanks
Rick Canhan. Wednesday, 10 November 2010
WOW, I read this 12 months ago and was impressed then, again you cease to amaze me. I have't been on the site for awhile as I've been busy writing. Hope all is well.

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