Someone Must Know
GenreYoung Adult / Thriller
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 21 December 2009
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A fire that killed two southern belles in the Roaring Twenties was tragic, but long over. Or is it?
Alexis Hale just moved with her dad in the newly restored mansipn. She's been protected by her father her whole life, but when she's finally granted freedom, it could be fatal.
When the victims lead her to the truth, and she becomes at risk, she accepts that someone must tell the truth, or they will themselves.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 November 10, 1923
Ch. 2 March 4, 1924
Ch. 3 October 19, 2009
Ch. 4 October 20, 2009
Ch. 5 September 23, 1923
Ch. 6 October 21, 2009
Ch. 7 October 22, 2009
Ch. 8 October 23rd, 2009
Ch. 9 December 6, 1923
Ch. 10 October 23, 2009


awesomeness Tuesday, 8 February 2011
yayy!!! I knew lily and lexi were related!!!
awesomeness Wednesday, 12 January 2011
quick q... are lilly and lexi RELATED at all???
Eunice G:) Friday, 9 July 2010
This is so so so so good. I love iittt!! :D
Layla Noel Monday, 15 March 2010
No offense, but I know what I am doing. It's supposed to be "choppy" and supposed to have too many "I"'s. She's going insane right now, so I'm sure her brain is crazy.
Cam Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Hey, this is good (: I like your plot - seems pretty original and interesting xD. However, I'd like to offer a few ideas and some advice -
Firstly, I'd just have a look at some of the sentences. Many of them are quite choppy which doesn't help the story's flow. Otherwise, your writing style is great - not too much description, etc.
Also, there is no need to repeat the goodnight that many times. Sometimes, a few repeats are effective, espeically in little kids' books, but in yours it just makes it a little draggy, if you get what I mean. Nothing big, but you can shorten that by just saying she said goodnight, period, end of.
Finally, try and eliminate some of the 'I's. There are a lot of them at one point. Try writing paragraphs without using 'I' wherever possible. Believe me, the writing will much improve, and it stimulates your brain ;D

I hope I helped - and honestly, i did think your writing was very good. But what would be the point in me bombarding you with praise? I'd rather offer some constructive critiscm (:
Well done!

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