Faith No More
GenreYoung Adult / Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 18 December 2009
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After dealing with his abusive parents for eighteen years Abel decides he has had enough and chooses to leave his friends and family behind for a life on the run. Little to his knowledge, this is only the beginning of a premeditated plan.

When Abel is suddenly attacked by a supernatural force, he has no option other than to run for his life first and question why later. Only when his childhood friend reveals herself to him, after following him the whole time, does he realize the truth.

They have both reincarnated numerous times since mankind's beginnings. However, his childhood friend, Tiffany, is the human reincarnation of the angel, Eva, who is responsible for their endless chain of lives. Only through her can they end it, and they need her more than ever when they find out that they aren't the only ones that have been endlessly reincarnating.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Runaway
Ch. 2 Angelic Aid
Ch. 3 Pursuit
Ch. 4 Protection
Ch. 5 Puppet
Ch. 6 Revelation
Ch. 7 Refuge
Ch. 8 Despair
Ch. 9 Hope
Ch. 10 Power
Ch. 11 Confronted
Ch. 12 Sibling Rivalry
Ch. 13 The Truth
Ch. 14 Dream Theater
Ch. 15 Demons
Ch. 16 Preperation
Ch. 17 Reprieve
Ch. 18 The Road Behind
Ch. 19 Even Ground
Ch. 20 Halcyon Night
Ch. 21 Devotion
Ch. 22 Sacrifice
Ch. 23 Abyss
Ch. 24 Soulless
Ch. 25 Recovery
Ch. 26 Reunion
Ch. 27 Resolve
Ch. 28 Desperation
Ch. 29 Control
Ch. 30 (Not So) Alone
Ch. 31 Shadows Passed
Ch. 32 Blind Truth
Ch. 33 Purity
Ch. 34 Eye of the Storm
Ch. 35 Trust, Betrayal, and Redemption
Ch. 36 Lament
Ch. 37 The Land of Nod
Ch. 38 Epilogue


ToruLightStar Friday, 18 December 2009
Oh my god! What jurks! Poor Able! I would have kicked the dads butt before landed one hand on me. Probly with a chinese long chop or a spining back fist, maybe break an arm or two.

PS: Please read: "The Silver Dragon."

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