Beyond those Words
GenreChildren / Adventure
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Sunday, 13 December 2009
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(2 ratings)
Read by:255 different readers

Three unlikely people became friends and accidentally stumbled upon the darkest secret of their school. Something was hidden under the school and they went on the biggest adventure of discovering it and also finding themselves.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Introduction by the Author
Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 Back Again Dewey's Point of View
Ch. 2 Discovering Gideon's Point of View
Ch. 2 Story of my Life Whiz's Point of View
Ch. 3 "That's the New Kid" Gideon's Point of View
Ch. 3 My Worst Enemy Whiz's POV
Ch. 4 In the Principal's office Gideon's POV


K Lee Wednesday, 29 February 2012
I loved it! I hope you'll post more, I'd love to know what happens:) Beautifully descriptive and really addictive reading.
China Roses Tuesday, 22 December 2009
Good descriptions. I like the alternating view points. Please rate my books!

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