Breaking Through The Darkness
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 7 December 2009
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Jessica Macdonald may look like an ordinary girl, but she harbours a dark secret. At home, she lives a nightmare.

When her secret gets found out, Jessica must make the toughest decision of her life. Should she stick with the pain she knows, or should she try to get the help that will guarantee her a future?


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Chapter One
Ch. 2 Chapter Two
Ch. 3 Chapter Three
Ch. 4 Chapter Four
Ch. 5 Chapter Five
Ch. 6 Chapter Six
Ch. 7 Chapter Seven
Ch. 8 Chapter Eight
Ch. 9 Chapter Nine
Ch. 10 Chapter Ten
Ch. 11 Chapter Eleven
Ch. 12 Chapter Twelve
Ch. 13 Chapter Thirteen
Ch. 14 Chapter Fourteen
Ch. 15 Chapter Fifteen
Ch. 16 Chapter Sixteen
Ch. 17 Chapter Seventeen
Ch. 18 Chapter Eighteen
Ch. 19 Epilogue: One Year Later


Izzi A. Thursday, 28 March 2013
What an inspiring story! I loved every it of it! I'll be sure to read your other works, too.

Nice job!
LoVe4BoOkz Thursday, 27 December 2012
Omg....This book is amazing ....I read the whole thing in a day n a half u are an amazing writer.....n your vocabulary amazing
Sage Ashby Saturday, 30 April 2011
Your book was just amazing, and i intend to share it with all of my friends. This is just amazing!!!
Jessica E Wednesday, 11 August 2010
Read most of it and it is really good!
Danielle Evans Monday, 3 May 2010
I love this book!!!!! :P :D :)

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