Before and After(Being Edited! But finished!)
GenreRomance / Young Adult
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 3 December 2009
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Belle was only in 4th grade when she moved away from her small town to California. Her dad had got transferred there to work. She is now 17,and she is coming back to her town. She looks different, she has changed. She isn't the ugly 'geek' anymore! Drama starts to arupt when she meets her young school crush. His name is Devon, and he isn't the only one who recognizes just how great she looks...


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Pics of Drew(Updated!)
Ch. 0 Devon Pics!!!!(Updated!)
Ch. 0 Pics of Belle(updated!!)
Ch. 0 Pics of Gerdie(updated)
Ch. 1 Goodbyes
Ch. 2 Differences
Ch. 3 Alls fair in Love, War, and High School
Ch. 4 Disbelief
Ch. 5 Same Ole, Same Old
Ch. 6 Reunion
Ch. 7 Say What?
Ch. 8 Really?
Ch. 9 Mysterious Behavior....
Ch. 10 I cant believe I am doing this....
Ch. 11 Lost in a sea of thoughts
Ch. 12 Ugh!!!!
Ch. 13 Practice makes Perfect
Ch. 14 Boys can be so weird sometimes
Ch. 15 Wow....Make that Double Wow
Ch. 16 The Lasting Decision
Ch. 17 A little bit of Hope
Ch. 18 Descisions....Choices.....
Ch. 19 Priceless Moments
Ch. 20 It took me a little to long to realize it
Ch. 21 You pick, Vote!!!!
Ch. 22 A second Chance
Ch. 23 Perfect Contentment
Ch. 24 The Unexpected
Ch. 25 No No No No No No No (Final Chapter!!)
Ch. 26 Epilogue


all-2-well Monday, 2 March 2015
I am loving this book. this is my first book to read on this website.
Marrriah Tuesday, 29 January 2013
this book was so good!!
Tas Saturday, 18 February 2012
okay now im thinking devon...
Tas Saturday, 18 February 2012
i really thought it'd be her and drew
FC3! Tuesday, 3 January 2012
I have a two sided opinions...Anyway I'm liking the story so far...I've yet to figure out which angle your going for and who's going to snag the girl...which is a good thing...because a story seems to get boring when facts are just thrown out in the open right from the beginning...anyways my only problem would be with Belle...She calls Devon cocky and yet she constantly talk about how hot she is and the materialistic stuff she owns...She comes off a bit self-absorbed...but regardless I still like it and will continue on!

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