Fearfully Wonderfully
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Eight short stories inspired by the Bible


List of chapters

Ch. 1 From Within
Ch. 2 The Angels Cried


Tatchania Sunday, 31 May 2009
I partially agree with some things that Jo says, but dont take it to hard. I dont think God would mind you creating a story of what our human minds can comprehend of the emotions and technichalities of the crusifiction and everything holy. I dont write many God-based stuff, because i dont know all the details and dont want to give society the wrong impression of Christ. BUt I applaud you on your writing, it is very thought-provoking. Writing is simply an expression of our souls and you definitly have a very God-honoring and driven soul. Your writing is very refreshing :) keep up the good work
Tatchania Sunday, 31 May 2009
Wow. That is phnominal, in my opionion. I find Mary a very intruiging charector in the bible, always wondering exactly how it feel being her, so connected with God. Maybe if you spaced it out a bit, it would be easier to follow, but other than that I LOVE IT! :) Oh and great use of vocabulary.
just one question- Why is your rating so low ??
Jo Saturday, 22 November 2008
(Head's up, I'm not a good speller)

FYI, I only read the first chapter.

I love your faith.

It sounds to me that your basic goal of chapter 1 is to go inside Mary's head during and shortly after The Crusifiction. Perhaps your writing intends to empathize with Mary or perhaps to simply love and honor our Lord. I can't really tell what your main theme is.

It is my personal opinion that your writing should flow from your basic theme.

If your theme is what's going on inside Mary's head, then I think the "thought" stuff doesn't fit. I think what's going on inside Mary's head is 99.9% to 100% emotional. I think the specific emotion is "loss." I think her emotion was so raw that she had minimal, if any, conscious reasoning.

If you pursue the theme of getting inside Mary's head, a reference to Jesus saying: Where is my mother? seems logical.

I think your statement about Mary having taught Jesus everything he would need to know on earth will be misunderstood by people. I think I know what you mean, that she taught Jesus the things that a mother teaches a son, except that she did it without original sin, but when the topic is religion stuff, people get real sensitive. I am not offended because I think I know what you were trying to say. If I did not consider your perspective, I think I may have been offended.

Did Mary doubt? I don't recall that. I think the Catholic belief is that Mary did not commit sin. If doubting Jesus was even a venial sin, then some people will take issue with it.

Does Jesus need?
My personal belief is that He does not.

I think the word "irrellevant" might encompasse more than you intend it to. I think some people will be offended to read your statement with the word irrelevent.

When I read your words, I hear a beautiful spirit; your beautiful spirit and it is soothing to me.

However, I think the complexity and difficulty of the task that I think you are trying to do is, perhaps impossible, or would require a miracle of it's own to accomplish.

Though people get weird about religion, the specific topic of "Mary" seems to be a particular topic that they get weird about.

I think the world's greatest author's would fail at doing what I think you are trying to do. I know that I would fail at it, unless God himself took my hand, and I am rather errogant man and think a lot of my abilities.

My opinion is that I think the condition of your heart and your subsequent motive for writing is A++.

I encourage you to keep that attitude and motive.

I just read some of your second chapter. I think you raise some interesting inquiries. I wonder if you did this as part of some organized structure like under the title: Biblical Questions to Ponder or "Did you ever wonder why Jesus,,,?"

I hope I served you as He intended. I do not intend to offend you. Proverbs, I think 9:9-11 (I may be way off on those #'s), tells me that if I think the other person is a fool, then I should not rebuke them, or I will fullfill the parable of the mocker because the other person will hate me. But if I think they are wise, then rebuke them (with tact) and (though they will still hurt when they receive my rebuke), in the end, they will be gald that I did.

Good luck and God Bless!

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