Employed but not Engaged: How to break up with your employees and hold onto the ring
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Submitted:Friday, 11 July 2008
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One out of every ten New Zealand employees is disengaged from their work. That means they are doing the bare minimum just not to get fired. They come into work, surf the internet, steal the stationery, leave early, and run down your business behind your back.

If you end up with one of those employees in your workplace, it is going to cost you money. How much money depends on what you do about it. Either you tolerate disengaged employees or you free up their future by showing them the door. Well, contrary to the belief of many business owners, the cheapest option is to free up their future PROVIDING you do it the right way.


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Eflow Sunday, 13 July 2008
Another goodie from Mr Smyth LLB.

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