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Submitted:Friday, 27 November 2009
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An Excerpt from 'Rosaline':
Rosaline bit her lip and knocked on the door hesitantly.
"Come in," she heard the familiar voice say. She opened the door and closed it behind her. The Prince was pacing in his study, a golden chain held tightly in his left hand. He turned around to see who had entered and stopped walking mid-stride.
"What do you want?" he asked curtly. Why was he acting so cold to her?
"I-I came to ask you to clear my name. I brought Princess Helena back safe and your father said-"
"I know what my father said," he snapped.
"Well?" she asked quietly, trying to hide the hurt she felt inside. Unfortunately, she didn't do a very good job.
Prince Steven laughed in a cold flat voice. "Did I just cause you pain?"
"No," she said quickly. Too quickly. He could see right through her immediately.
"It's alright," he laughed. "You've already done that to me." She looked at him, bewildered, only making him angrier- if that was possible.
"Stop acting like you don't know what I am talking about!" he snarled making her take a step back from him. He threw the chain he had been holding in his left hand hard. It bounced on the carpet before landing by her feet. "Explain that! Try to feed me another lie, why don't you?!"
She picked up the golden chain in trembling hands.
"My locket!" she cried in surprise reaching a hand to her chest and realizing there was nothing there. She had wore that locket for two years yet she had almost completely forgotten about it's existence. "Where did you find it from?!"
"It was found near the dead body of Mr. Wentworth," said Steven through clenched teeth. "You lied to me didn't you?! You murdered an innocent man and then tried to get me to believe you were innocent!" he roared.
"Who told you that?!" she screamed indignantly.
She forced herself to remain calm. "I don't know where he found my locket, but I NEVER DID IT!!" her voice ended in a shout. "I thought you trusted me?!"
"So did I!" he roared back.
"Liar!" she laughed derisively, "If you had trusted me you would never have listened to anything he said!"

[ Please don't pay attention to my spelling and grammar mistakes because this is only a rough draft. Thanks! :)


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue: A Precious Rose
Ch. 1 The Problem with Peter
Ch. 2 An Unruly Pair
Ch. 3 The Beginning of Understanding and Trouble
Ch. 4 The Prince Passes Judgement
Ch. 5 Prince Steven's Arrogance
Ch. 6 Arguments and Hatred
Ch. 7 Samantha's Intriguing Secret
Ch. 8 Refusing to Trust
Ch. 9 Useless Regrets
Ch. 10 An Unexpected Reunion
Ch. 11 Making a Hard Decision
Ch. 12 Prince Steven's Anguish
Ch. 13 Princess Helena's Demented State
Ch. 14 A Debt Repaid
Ch. 15 Nobody Left to Trust
Ch. 16 The Truth Behind Each Lie
Ch. 17 Fears for the Future
Ch. 18 Forgiveness and Reunion
Ch. 19 A Rash Decisions Consequence
Ch. 20 Peter's Reaction
Ch. 21 A Man of Deception
Ch. 22 Awaken Memories
Ch. 23 Lethal Beauty
Ch. 24 A Blow to the Heart
Ch. 25 Unforseen Betrayal and Forgiveness
Ch. 26 The Sorcerer's Curse
Ch. 27 The Ultimate Sacrifice


CreativeRebel Wednesday, 20 May 2015
A great story line but there were a few grammatical errors and repitition of descriptive adjectives or sentence fragments. But keep up the good work, you have a great imagination!
Carpe_diem Tuesday, 10 September 2013
You are entitled to your own opinion John and I respect that. I wrote this book when I was only fifteen years old as I indicated in my author bio. For a better idea of my writing, feel free to check out some of my more current work. This story is meant to be a light read for a younger audience.
john2054 Wednesday, 28 August 2013
I'm sorry but i've had it with people who think that they can churn out this stuff and call it good literature. A book is supposed to have vocabulary and structure something this book is lacking in spades. Only two stars from me!
flight Wednesday, 21 August 2013
Great story! a good read! I will be sharing a few chapters of my story soon, I'd love it if you could review it!
SmokyEyes Sunday, 16 June 2013
I agree with Jezus Faith- a very well put together story! Not my favorite genre, but definitely a nice light read and loved Rosaline's character! Look forward to figuring out how she deals with this particular problem with the Queen-- definitely a horrible situation for her and the prince!

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