Christian Poetry for the Everyday Christian
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Submitted:Saturday, 21 November 2009
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These poems depict my feelings and views at the time of writing. There are prayers, personal and emotional trials, moments of weakness, and times of joy and strength included. There are insightful views, and scriptural points in most. I pray that they touch your heart and make you think. God Bless


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Intro
Ch. 2 Give Thanks To The Lord
Ch. 3 Since I found Jesus
Ch. 4 Please Hear My Prayer
Ch. 5 Lord Of Life
Ch. 6 I Could Never Imagine
Ch. 7 This One Man
Ch. 8 Where Will You Be?
Ch. 9 Open Their Hearts
Ch. 10 We Are The Lighthouse
Ch. 11 Whirlwind Of Chaos
Ch. 12 A Mental Note
Ch. 13 Erika
Ch. 14 Washed Away
Ch. 15 One Chance To Tell You
Ch. 16 Feeling Kind Of Low Today
Ch. 17 Felt The Urge To Cry
Ch. 18 For Love To Be Found
Ch. 19 Send Down A Blessing
Ch. 20 Building A Bridge
Ch. 21 Do You Know The Christ?
Ch. 22 I Push Through The Storm
Ch. 23 Help Me Forget
Ch. 24 Draw Near To The Lord
Ch. 25 Friends
Ch. 26 Desperate Father
Ch. 27 Everything Is Changing
Ch. 28 Before I Can Leave
Ch. 29 What I'd Give
Ch. 30 Realize I Was There
Ch. 31 Between Me And You
Ch. 32 The Battle Is Raging
Ch. 33 Come To The Savior
Ch. 34 Standing In Your Temple
Ch. 35 Teach Me Oh Lord
Ch. 37 Trust In The Lord
Ch. 38 Come Dear Brethren
Ch. 39 Father Forgive Me
Ch. 40 Life as a Christian
Ch. 41 This Last Year
Ch. 42 One Day Their Eyes Will Open
Ch. 43 What Is My Gift?
Ch. 44 My Journey Begins
Ch. 45 Memorable Day
Ch. 46 To My Dear Husband
Ch. 47 Open My Eyes
Ch. 48 Which Road Do I Take
Ch. 49 As I Write Again
Ch. 50 Have I Told You Lately
Ch. 51 Forgiveness
Ch. 52 Lift Me, Oh Lord
Ch. 53 What Would People Think?
Ch. 54 Can't Take Anymore
Ch. 55 Send Me An Angel
Ch. 56 As You're Far Away
Ch. 57 Thank You Jesus
Ch. 58 No Time To Pray
Ch. 59 We Struggle
Ch. 60 Christmas Approaches
Ch. 61 Years of Turmoil
Ch. 62 Wipe Out The Pain
Ch. 63 Fortress of Hate
Ch. 64 Honey, I Love You
Ch. 65 Thanksgiving Prayer
Ch. 66 It Never Ends Well
Ch. 67 Console Me
Ch. 68 Daily I Struggle
Ch. 69 Cry Out Your Name
Ch. 70 Before It's Too Late


Jill Irving Tuesday, 16 September 2014
I understand that.
Jill Irving Tuesday, 16 September 2014
Boy can I relate!!
Jill Irving Tuesday, 16 September 2014
Jill Irving Tuesday, 16 September 2014
I need to remember this!
Jill Irving Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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