The God Code
GenreFiction / Suspense
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 5 November 2009
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The God Code:

Secret code found by hackers that unleashes clues of human understanding, “the God Code”. Tim Krochet computer hacker with his fellow internet friend screen name confusion meet for the first time on capitol hill to speak privately on the subject matter.

CIA operative Sharon Subtle receives the secret code as well from the same source. Confusion wants her and the CIA to make a case against Krochet. She is also trying to infiltrate the Hacker underground.

In the Vatican Pope Edwardo II the first Hispanic Pope, is attacked by the underground hackers after he insists that the internet is destroying religion.

Cardinal Andrew is safe at home (in Italy) meditating when he experiences sudden realization and all mysteries are answered by what he believes is God.

Dr. Tom Bellows, Archaeologist and Egyptologist discovers one of the greatest treasures in the world the Lost Continent of Atlantis. He finds proof that they really were a highly advanced civilization with incomprehensible technology. He is left with a huge decision to reveal his findings to the public (which would change the worldview of everything) or keep it secret.

Celebrities, and world leaders including boxing champ Devon Junior, or DJ for short and Russian billionaire Maximilian Pontiv are called suspiciously to UN headquarters for a secret meeting of the wealthy and powerful.

Homeless man Daniel finds ancient symbols including the numbers of the code in Hitler's underground bunker. Daniel contacts the local police force and Sharon and Tom are soon on the case. Albeit a very strange case.

Cardinal Andrew (because obviously the Pope is unavailable) is also called in to the meeting at the UN to address the congregation.

Conspiracy Activist and news commenter John Delani learns of the goings-on in New York and contacts the hacker underground. Together they team up to spread the word and try and spy on the congregation.

Ming Yang is a computer analyst at the National Weather Service. She has created the world's first program that accurately predicts natural disasters. She has discovered an unusual high amount of activity on all levels of the program happening rather soon. She fears that she has made horrible miscalculations.
A secret sleeper cell in Somalia has acquired IBM Servers and NSA equipment. Confusion is hard at work confusing the masses like he did ten years earlier with his death. He used to be head of the NSA.

I cannot think of an ending if anybody wants to help let me know.

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Eve Moonbay Friday, 6 November 2015
this is a good story, grips you in the beginning.
Jacob Glasgow Friday, 9 May 2014
I love casual scenes like this in books, especially when they're done well. I loved the description. It really helped me get a visual.
Jake Connors Friday, 2 May 2014
Wow this was very intriguing i very much enjoyed this story:) keep up the awesome writing. I hope when you have the time you can look my beyond this point and give me tips and advice on what to do since your a great writer:) and make a rating that you think best fits. But this really made me where i didnt wanna move out of my seat, keep it up and thank you:)
Alex-Sandra Friday, 14 February 2014
I love this book!! Would you mind checking out mine? I have six chapters ready and one is up..
Rocky Rochford Tuesday, 8 October 2013
I tend to avoid booms of.this caibre but thought I would and give it a go and it is a good opening. Good work i look forwards to chapter 2.

Also any chance you could check out my book London's Burning?

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