From The Heart And Soul
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Submitted:Saturday, 31 October 2009
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This is a collection of Poetry that I have written.
I am a survivor of child abuse and of domestic violence. As an explanation I will state that I will update and correct mis spellings or errors as i can, There is no need to refer to my intelligence in a term that sounds like " stupid"
I assure you while i may have an 8th grade education common sense is not lacking. I use a new system for writting on my computer so I am un familliar with all the ways to check grammar and spelling.


List of chapters

Ch. 2 Warrior's chant
Ch. 3 Bones
Ch. 4 For you I am calling
Ch. 5 Lady with out a face
Ch. 6 Lustful Eyes
Ch. 7 Ever After
Ch. 8 Redemption
Ch. 9 Burdened Rose
Ch. 10 Sanctum of Tears
Ch. 11 The Game
Ch. 12 My Unknown Affliction
Ch. 13 Those Whom Yearn to be Free
Ch. 14 True Love
Ch. 15 Am I my brother's keeper?
Ch. 16 Jester's Cap
Ch. 17 Bleeding Rose
Ch. 18 Heaven's Betrayer
Ch. 19 Lead you Home
Ch. 20 Damaged Goods
Ch. 21 A Dozen Roses
Ch. 23 Unknown Soldier
Ch. 24 Gone To Soon
Ch. 25 Bleeding Heart
Ch. 26 Behind Closed Doors
Ch. 27 Ribbons Of Roses
Ch. 28 The Mask
Ch. 29 Some sweet Day
Ch. 30 The Squire's pen
Ch. 31 The Abyss
Ch. 32 United as One
Ch. 33 Revelations
Ch. 34 Thine saviour's face
Ch. 35 Thine eyes
Ch. 36 Fires of Passion
Ch. 37 The soul mates
Ch. 38 Reflections
Ch. 39 Well Versed Lines
Ch. 40 Weeping Rose
Ch. 41 Honest Men
Ch. 42 Two Words
Ch. 43 Within this human being


Kelly Maree Sunday, 2 December 2018
Dell Ann Raye Saturday, 22 October 2011
The picture is meant to convey my heritage as is this poem, this is a native american themed poem ... I am Navaho and cherokee
Jordan Yates Monday, 5 September 2011
Once again, you can write but the dang pictures are really distracting. It really ruins your writing (which isn't bad at all).
Also, double-check the grammar and punctuation in this one :)
Jordan Yates Monday, 5 September 2011
Not bad, but the picture at the bottom made the whole thing seem cheap. The poem itself was a tad confusing, but not too shabby.
Also: "Thine" should only be used before a vowel... The proper word in front of a consonant is "thy" :)
Sherry123456789 Sunday, 7 March 2010
You are a gifted writer

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