Sitting Bull Stretches
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Submitted:Saturday, 31 October 2009
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I present these poems to you so that, in a few months or years, when I find them in an old notepad on the shelf and burn them out of shame, or die and decompose in my hovel and they are discovered by the unfortunate neices and nephews who are cleaning up my home in the hopeless hope of finding something of value and wearily slide them into a garbage sack, they will have been seen by at least someone and perhaps made an impression or lodged into their mind a line, a phrase, a word, that they will remember with pleasure or with humour and repeat to their pal that they are on a trip in the car with as their own and fail entirely in impressing them.

I also wanted an excuse to write an incredibly on-running sentence. I hope you enjoy.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Happy Birthday to Me
Ch. 2 The truth.....
Ch. 3 moon buggy.....
Ch. 4 another....
Ch. 5 eyes of .......
Ch. 6 Bird
Ch. 7 Worm
Ch. 8 Apology
Ch. 9 white house.....
Ch. 10 who.......
Ch. 11 The Old Lady
Ch. 12 The Girl
Ch. 13 punishment........
Ch. 14 I might.........
Ch. 15 Tree
Ch. 16 Milk Man
Ch. 17 remember........
Ch. 18 today........
Ch. 19 War
Ch. 20 Toronto
Ch. 21 paces........
Ch. 22 Farm
Ch. 23 Religion
Ch. 24 sit...........
Ch. 25 Clay
Ch. 26 Minerva's Baby
Ch. 27 not a girl.....
Ch. 28 Some.....
Ch. 29 I was a butcher
Ch. 30 Brother
Ch. 31 Why are you crying.....
Ch. 32 Franchester and Hoke
Ch. 33 It's spring.......
Ch. 34 Portraits
Ch. 35 Elephant
Ch. 36 He's tha' kind
Ch. 37 Hiker
Ch. 38 Aroldis
Ch. 39 he...
Ch. 40 Pick me
Ch. 41 Disappointment
Ch. 42 wishes
Ch. 43 my sun...


expatriate Thursday, 22 November 2012
One can read this, and read it again, and reach a different conclusion. I think that's exactly what you intended
expatriate Thursday, 22 November 2012
A delight to read with excellent imagry
Alexander Thursday, 5 January 2012
I enjoyed it thoroughly, but i didn't get the first part.

Nursing a rusting wing?
Alexander Thursday, 5 January 2012
Truthfully in love, and eyes of sin and prayers of want that's good stuff i like it
Alexander Thursday, 5 January 2012
I don't see the coherence. What do you mean by another hoary actor? Have you found a young lady or has the actor found a young lady? Is it a fantasy?

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