Into the Heart of an Unloved
by Ella
GenreFiction / Drama
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Tuesday, 6 May 2008
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Isabella Lightbed was a daughter of a famous actor, Tom Lightbed. he gave her everything to make her happy and isabella thought it was all real fatherly love. she had a stepmother that treated her as her own daughter. after a horrific accident, Isabella finds out her father doesn't love her and he was about to divorce his second wife. the only one she could trust was her stepmother but now it too, was gone. isabella is told that her biological mother is dead but on a train ride, by a miracle, she meets her mother. her father gets a new grilfriend that abuses isabella, causing her to fled to her real mother. and that is when the story begins of how she would fight to love those that love her back.

story continued in the book


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Sylvia H. Mullins Saturday, 13 February 2010
seems like you got something going, like kayleigh said id fix it a tad.
Kayleigh Rain Tuesday, 5 May 2009
Interesting plot, I cant wait to read what happens. There are a few capitalization errors and grammar issues. I noticed something that didn't really make any sense. When you wrote "Mum, what's Isabella doing here?' Isabella, the young girl, asked Elice, my mother" Who is talking? and who is ELice- the mum or the young girl? This really is a good story though. I can't properly rate it until there is more to read.Please comment and rate my own work! :)
Kayleigh Rain
Julie Sparrow Wednesday, 22 October 2008
There are a few problems with capital letters in your writing. You might want to look that up.

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