The Sterley's of Oakland Park
GenreHistory / Romance
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Sunday, 4 October 2009
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Set in a time of elegance when one member of a family could make or destroy a familyís name & fortune.
A time when hero's rescued his lady love, the age of courtly behavior when manners meant every thing a time when Jane Austen was writing her great classics, this is the period in which The Sterley's of Oakland Park is set.
At times humorous satirical look at regency life follow the adventures of Young Tom Sterley as he is sent out to Africa to work in the colonel service a poet at heart the young man is forced to work out his days as a bureaucrat but his nights he spends with his beautiful wife.
The story also tells the tale of the adventures of daring Captain Aubrey who is a first rate sailor, of Sir Thomas as he tryís to write his book on the study of the birds of Southern England. It tells the story of a large family who were typical of those far off times


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Meeting the family
Ch. 2 The Ball and old friends
Ch. 3 Anonymous wit and A Irish visit
Ch. 4 More of the Irish
Ch. 5 A death in the family
Ch. 6 Ghosts and things that go bump in the night
Ch. 7 A letter from Benjamin Bathurst
Ch. 8 Tea with Lady St Vincent
Ch. 9 A London visit
Ch. 10 A letter from Tom
Ch. 11 Obnoxious country men
Ch. 12 Arrival of a seafaring man
Ch. 13 A promotion for Sir Thomas
Ch. 14 A duel
Ch. 15 Brave as you always are
Ch. 40 Napoleonís secret weapon the worst cook in England