The Beast in Me (completed)
by LCD
GenreFantasy / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Thursday, 1 October 2009
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In Baskerville, a small village in the middle of nowhere, a myth has been handed down saying that it will be destroyed the day the beauty and the beast fall in love. No one really takes this seriously until one day...

On his 16'th birthday, Byron, alias Ron, discovers he is a werewolf. He cherishes his new powers that make him strong but he is shocked about his thirst for blood when full moon rises. His long-standing crush on the school queen, Mandy, is eclipsed when this mousy new girl, Sheena, joins his class and turns out to be a veela, an unearthly beautiful ghostlike creature who has incredible powers and the option of becoming immortal.

Veelas and werewolves have always been enemies but an irresistible attraction pulls Ron and Sheena together. They fight side by side against a pack of werewolves whose leader, Zeus, is determined to wipe out Baskerville. However, the myth comes back to haunt them because there are powers that they cannot control. Are they stronger than their love?

In the action-filled conclusion of the story, Ron and Sheena have a painful decision to make and they are confronted with some shocking surprises that forever change their lives.

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List of chapters

Ch. 1 Prologue
Ch. 2 How It All Began
Ch. 3 Being Frank
Ch. 4 Nighttime
Ch. 5 Full Moon
Ch. 6 Sheena
Ch. 7 Girls
Ch. 8 Close Call
Ch. 9 The Hunters
Ch. 10 All Things Considered
Ch. 11 Awakening
Ch. 12 Patterns
Ch. 13 Back in School
Ch. 14 The Myth of Baskerville
Ch. 15 The Outcast
Ch. 16 The Veela
Ch. 17 Recruitment
Ch. 18 Sheena's 16th Birthday
Ch. 19 The Leader of the Pack
Ch. 20 Disaster Strikes
Ch. 21 We're in this Together
Ch. 22 Gene, the Green
Ch. 23 The Power of Zeus
Ch. 24 Veela Lore - Werewolf War
Ch. 25 Frank gets busted
Ch. 26 The Takeover
Ch. 27 Prisoners of Circumstance
Ch. 28 Children of Destiny
Ch. 29 To Believe
Ch. 30 Bad News
Ch. 31 Ghosts from the Past
Ch. 32 When This is Over
Ch. 33 Opportunities
Ch. 34 Miles de Veela
Ch. 35 Zeus Fission
Ch. 36 Frank's Secret
Ch. 37 When it rains, it pours
Ch. 38 All Tied Up
Ch. 39 Alter Ego
Ch. 40 It Ain't A Fit Night Out For Man Or Beast
Ch. 41 Aftermath
Ch. 42 The Water-veelas
Ch. 43 Ill Fate
Ch. 44 Atlas
Ch. 45 A Party to Remember
Ch. 46 The Oedipus Complex (revised)
Ch. 47 Eternal Enemies
Ch. 48 A Dam Secret
Ch. 49 A Short History of Baskerville
Ch. 50 Landslide Victory
Ch. 51 End of an Era
Ch. 52 Looks Like We Made It


David Jae Saturday, 1 March 2014
I like Byron. He's a very 'real' character with a good deal of humanity and a darker side, too. Some of your dialogue needs punching up, but this is an enjoyable story.

kthaler Saturday, 20 July 2013
I found this entertaining. I loved it and was hooked right away. Great way to start this. If you could read, "Demon," I would really love feedback on it. Thanks and amazing job!!!
Sam Barclay Thursday, 30 May 2013
I really enjoyed the prologue too! I especially liked the main character and the dialogue is very effective also with great moments of humour such as the bit about the dog and every dog being a bit spoiled in Chapter 1. Touches likes this add an extra layer to characters for sure.
LittleAngel Saturday, 18 May 2013
Amazing loved it from the start, I definitely agree with the others :)
James Laurie Sunday, 14 April 2013
Wow, this is good. Short, but had the ability to draw me into the story off the start. I know I wont be able to stop reading this one. If you could check out "The Sanctuary" it would be much appreciated.

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