a Touch of Rural Justice-- an Illinois Love Story
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Submitted:Tuesday, 15 September 2009
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More tragedy and down-home tenacity in the twenty first century by the same folks that gave you the best read of the twentieth.

MJ is no angel. She will do anything short of murder to save her home. She convinces her new husband, Eddie, to use all his backwoods skills to fight the Bituminous Mining Company strip mine expansion that threatens to wipe out Twin Beeches.

you got this far, and if it doesn't strike you as something you would want to spent time on, I invite you to read chp. 49 and be on your way!


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Road Trip
Ch. 2 Torn
Ch. 3 Decisions, decisions
Ch. 4 Hello again
Ch. 5 Pardon Me?
Ch. 6 Shortcuts
Ch. 7 Where is the money?
Ch. 8 An emotional trip back to Twin Beeches
Ch. 9 Like a Tree Falling on your Roof.
Ch. 10 "This"
Ch. 11 The Five Stages of Martha Jo Gonsalves Hawkins
Ch. 12 Land Documents
Ch. 13 Church Day
Ch. 14 Exploring the Woods
Ch. 15 Eddie, meet Hannah!
Ch. 16 'Becca's Accident
Ch. 17 Return of the Rifle
Ch. 18 Discoveries in Canton
Ch. 19 Krohn has it Covered
Ch. 20 Dog Days
Ch. 21 Press Release
Ch. 22 First Strike
Ch. 23 Our Sheriff's Warning
Ch. 24 Eddie has to go to Ground
Ch. 25 Krohn's Emergency Response Meeting
Ch. 26 Railroad Wrecking, 101
Ch. 27 Another Quick Visit Home
Ch. 28 Another visit from Sheriff Thompson
Ch. 29 Ain't Nothin' Like a Hound Dog
Ch. 30 Helicopters
Ch. 31 Many Visitors to Twin Beeches
Ch. 32 All Washed Out
Ch. 33 One Small Glimmer of Hope, Again
Ch. 34 What's in the Box?
Ch. 35 Krohn compares notes with Sheriff Thompson
Ch. 36 Confrontation and Catastrophe
Ch. 37 Facing the facts but not yet, the consequences
Ch. 38 TV Truck Mud Derby
Ch. 39 Indecision
Ch. 40 a Stroll in the Field
Ch. 41 Celebration?
Ch. 42 Attorney at Law Lucius Knowles
Ch. 43 Eddie Talks to Thompson
Ch. 44 Eddie's Father
Ch. 45 BEC relents, but Eddie's Still Gone
Ch. 46 Progress
Ch. 47 Revelation and (almost) Resolution
Ch. 48 One Last meeting with Eddie's Father
Ch. 49 One last poem about Native Americans


paul schoaff Thursday, 18 June 2015
you know that Eddie, on MJ's behalf, does a bunch of dangerous things, illegal things, beyond waving signs and yelling insults.... It is amazing that somehow, some way, things eventually turn out better than MJ or Eddie should have expected. Once the whole town turned against them, I had a heck of a time writing their way out of the mess they'd made. Try Smashwords for the whole version.
paul schoaff Sunday, 6 July 2014
This book has been finished and is available commercially. The reception has been one of puzzlement -- my main characters aren't completely sympathetic, either in the overt actions they take, or in their personal relationship, but a lot gets resolved by the end.

Take a Google map trip, or some other satellite view program, zero in on a broad view of Fulton County, Illinois, counting the open pits and the previously mined areas that will take hundreds of years to recover to their previous ecosystems.
paul schoaff Saturday, 26 November 2011
still here. waiting for the momentum to take the original book to a commercial level.
paul schoaff Thursday, 10 March 2011
too many "I's". I have to find a way to rewrite a lot of this book to be less ego-centric. Maybe if Eddie is the main pov, I can loosen up the show don't tell muse a bit.
<3 :) Wednesday, 1 September 2010
Fantastic, as usual. I now begin to expect brilliance from you when you write. It's like there's a creative spark when your fingers touch the keyboard. Sheer magnificince!

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