The Unicorn!
GenreChildren / Fiction
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Saturday, 12 September 2009
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Gorge and Unie were having a wonderful splendid time in the forest when grumpy the big terrible giant came out behind a tree and Gorge and Unie were terribly frightened.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Yum!!!!!!
Ch. 2 Bunny<3
Ch. 3 Monkey
Ch. 4 Blues Clues!
Ch. 5 Magenta
Ch. 6 Marty
Ch. 7 sassy the cat


Katy Elizabeth Tuesday, 5 January 2010
Hey! Nice story, but it would be better if the chapters were longer. I only say this because I am interested, and if you do this I would get more description. The grammar needs touching up, but otherwise it's pretty nice.
Artemis Goodwin Tuesday, 24 November 2009
Um...Blue is a girl btw.
Rosey101 Friday, 16 October 2009
I think that this is a wonderful book. This author is talented!
Mahala Pincince Friday, 2 October 2009
I LOVE IT !!!!
Momo-Chan Friday, 2 October 2009

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