Unknowingly Loveless
GenreRomance / Business
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 26 August 2009
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Anika Swan, a 24 year old business woman fresh out of college. She decides she wants to go over seas to a place she has always wanted to go, to work and live for the rest of her life. She hates her parents. Her mother always pushed her to work hard in school so she can leave the house. Her mother always favored her little sister ever since a small accident when they were younger. She is a beautiful Italian girl from New york. Anika worked her hardest to fulfill her dream of becoming a great business woman, better than her mother is. To fulfill her dream she has decided to move to Japan and start her carer. Her entire life consisted of homework and tutoring with no friends at all. She doesn't know what friendship or even love is because she has never experienced it, although others have tried to let her experience it, she has always shunned them. Once in Tokyo, Japan she is not welcomed warmly by the commoners and even stolen from and almost raped but that doesn't bring her hopes down at all. She meets an old man who is stumbling down the street and he gives her the deed to his house. After a few business rejections she comes across a company who hires her. All the male employees seem to like her alot and try to ask her out often. Maybe living in Japan with such attractive co-workers can cause her heart to start up something? Or will she just live her dream and become a woman greater than her own mother? Read my story to find out what happens! :)


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Ch. 1 Mind set


black fire night Monday, 10 December 2012
I like your book so far I can't wait to read some more. :) and if you don't mind me asking you and those who read this comment
Do you wish to find love?
Do you have money troubles?
Do you wish you could fine something to make you feel beautiful?
Do wish to be free or change your fait?
Do you want to be successful or lucky soon?
If you said yes to any of the following please visit my books. :) I hope that all you want will come true :)
Armageddon89 Friday, 28 August 2009
=D this is by far your best yet! I wasn't sure about the idea at first but I'm sure you'll make it work =]

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