All for one meal(title still pending)
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Submitted:Thursday, 30 July 2009
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That's all is to it. No real name, no real love, no real life. All for one thing.

This story shows the life of a young cow growing up to be raised for beef. From boiling hot travels to freezing cold, #981 is shipped around America. He gets severely hurt and is sent off to "Tasty N Tender Meat" factory, where his injury is seen as a good thing, more tender the beef.
While in Florida's horrific factory, #981 meets a friend. Day and night they enjoy eachothers company, and grow very close to eachother. Until her day for slaughter comes. Of course, they don't realize it. She is taken away and #981 can do nothing about it, as he is chained up. All he hears is the screams of each cow as their turn comes.

#981 learns many lessons. His deceased mother visits him in dreams and tells him confusing things. Traumatized and afraid, #981 has an extremely sad, but moving life.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Preface
Ch. 2 An introduction is in order
Ch. 3 The Ride
Ch. 4 Still here
Ch. 5 My new home
Ch. 6 Memory
Ch. 7 Mom?


Eurydice Thursday, 10 January 2013
I really enjoyed what I've read so far. You're a good writer, although you could spend a little more time on grammar and spelling. The story is very touching and also a bit... Scary.
This is why you shouldn't buy meat from these types of businesses.
Anyways, keep on writing, my friend! Keep on writing...
Eryn Grayce Sorenson Friday, 5 October 2012
This was powerful! It has the feel of a Nazi concentration camp, but that's not a bad thing considering what you're writing about. There were some minor errors, but nothing that distracts the reader. Just so you know, you have ; in place of ' and at one point you wrote "vhoose" instead of "choose". Those were the only ones that really stuck out. But this was really good. Please post more!
BookWorm376 Tuesday, 15 May 2012
This is sad... :'(
Bronze Tuesday, 20 September 2011
I really love this story. Before I didn't have much sympathy for cattle, but this story makes it very real, and sad, and the cow's feelings are so vivid. Interesting story choice, to write about a beef cow.
But I shall never eat another hamburger again without thinking of the terrible sacrifice of the cows. I am deeply touched, however I shall enjoy my burger just as much as usual.
Roonil Wazlib Friday, 4 March 2011
Really good. Some typos so try to proof read you work but overall its fantastic and I'm being harsh! This is why I'm a vegitarian!!!

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