GenreRomance / Young Adult
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Submitted:Wednesday, 29 July 2009
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David is a published author with a troubled past. Tim is an aspiring author with a squeaky clean past. What do they have in common? A relationship with Erica Wilkinson, and DNA.

Caught on camera inside a Philadelphia Main Line house, habitual liar and published author, David Summers, is robbing Winston Newman, the most powerful literary pioneer of his time. Those who know David would say he was the victim of circumstance. Abandoned by his parents, he was raised by a guardian, seeing the world as an ugly place where one must hustle to survive.

Tim Sullivan is an aspiring author. Raised by the positive attitude of his grandmother, he stays optimistic about his future and has never committed a single crime in his life. Tim is the kind of man who prides himself on telling the truth to the best of his ability.

Erica Wilkinson has dated both men. Her relationship ended with David because he was a habitual liar; she couldn’t trust him as far as she could throw him. “Honest Tim,” with whom she shares an online, clandestine, relationship, is different than any other man she has dated. Though she’s never seen his face in reality, she feels she has finally found a man she can really trust.

Unfortunately, Tim and David have more in common than she could possibly imagine; they are the same man.

As “Tim Sullivan,” David learns to please Erica as a better man. Newman turns up murdered in the wake of the robbery which prompts the national media to dig skeletons from David's past and forces him to eventually face the challenge of revealing his last act of deception to Erica—at risk of losing her forever.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 David's Poem
Ch. 0 Author's Note
Ch. 1 ‘Timothy’
Ch. 2 ‘The Half That’s Just Not Me’
Ch. 3 ‘New Outlook’
Ch. 4 ‘The Robbery Of 11/02’
Ch. 5 ‘Opening Statements’
Ch. 6 ‘Etta’