The Poetic Voice of Soul
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Submitted:Wednesday, 22 July 2009
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This book reaches into the realm beyind mind, to the level of mysticism. Beyond intellect and into the realm of the divine.
We are all at different levels of unfolding, but the majority of us remain unaware of this fact, becoming caught up in the daily grind of living.
It is a book that explains how to let life work for us, rather than against us.
How to surrender and let the divine principal work in our favour.
We can change our experience by what we project, or whatever our core belief is.
God lives through us - as us.
Working as a professional psychic, and spiritual counsellor for over thirty years, beautiful poetry and prose began to come through from the realm beyond mind, to teach and inspire others.
This is how The Poetic Voice of Soul came to be.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Journey into the Light
Ch. 2 Matter
Ch. 3 Christ Consciousness


Daniel Joseph Monday, 20 June 2011
I find the Gospels of the Apostle Paul very close in relationship between the spiritual and physical you describe, but that's merely my take on them. I strongly believe one can reach a state of spiritual closeness with God that transcends the physical world we inhabit. While we are in this physical plane we must deal with the reality of good and evil. I believe Christian and Hebrew scriptures were given to us by our creator God through those He chose to guide us back to Him. I further believe we must live this physical life in order to fulfil the plan He has for us. Wandering too far into the spirit world without God's guidance can leave us open to entraptment by the forces of evil that are present in both worlds. I don't think it's good for us to get lost in a spirit world God repeatedly warned us against in His Word. I think it might be a good idea to remain "grounded" in the world we inhabit and give our spiritual lives to the governances of our creator God.
Karel Thursday, 19 August 2010
Excellent truths, I recognise the voice of soul, good on you, you wrote the words given to you from beyond the realm of mind.Very beautiful powerful work. Namaste.

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