Rural Murder -- Another Illinois Love Story
GenreMystery / Crime
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 30 March 2020
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On a cold, gray winter morning on the Illinois prairie, a woman is found shot dead next to her two infant children. The local Schuyler co. sheriff has never investigated a murder, so he calls on experienced help from Sheriff Thompson of Fulton and Sheriff Pollitt of Mcdonough.

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Martha Jo, working for former Judge Knowles, now a defense lawyer, helps her boss represent one after another of the suspects to the murder.

The 'Mob', more a slightly nasty group of business men, run a Gentlemen's club near town, where the murdered woman worked while her lazy husband served three months in the local hoosegow. The husband couldn't be the murderer, or could he?

The woman who baby sat the murdered woman's children reported the murder. She couldn't be the murderer, could she?

The guy running the 'Club', fending off an extortion attempt, perhaps, by the murdered woman, well, isn't he the most likely suspect?

Knowles, Thompson, Scripps of Schuyler and Pollitt of McDonough, and Martha Jo, try to figure it all out, and manage to avoid becoming victims themselves, pretty much....

In a final whirlwind, the murderer is revealed and the children are in peril in a hostage situation.

Don't worry, most everhyone survives.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The whole book in one entry.