WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 3-Book 12: Samhain
GenreHorror / Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 3 January 2020
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"WILL YOU SURVIVE...?" is an online novelization elimination game where readers get to vote off characters each chapter. This story is "Book 12: Samhain." 60 readers will read this story, a chapter a day, until only 1 group remains, voting off characters per chapter. All readers will choose a character, as a person chooses a pawn in a board game, hoping their character will outlive the story.

The theme chosen is about an ancient evil that plagues the night, able to turn nightmares into reality. Most call him the Boogeyman but he prefers Samhain, named after the Celtic festival. Now released from Hell, Samhain puts a spell on a town to unleash punishment.

So join us in reading "WILL YOU SURVIVE...? story "Book 12: Samhain"! Choose a character that you feel will survive the story, and read on to see if you chose wisely! Filled with bonus chapters and extra content, "WILL YOU SURVIVE...?" will live up to its name!


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Intense (1 elimination)
Ch. 2 Acceleration (1 elimination)
Ch. 3 Uncontrollable (1 elimination)
Ch. 4 Spawns (2 eliminations)
Ch. 5 Anarchy (2 eliminations)
Ch. 6 Rage (2 eliminations)
Ch. 7 Frontlines (1 elimination)
Ch. 8 Offensive (3 Eliminations)
Ch. 9 Defensive (1 elimination)
Ch. 10 Unruly (2 eliminations)
Ch. 11 Born (1 elimination)
Ch. 12 Master (2 eliminations)
Ch. 13 Tolling (1 elimination)
Ch. 14 Epilogue #1
Ch. 15 Epilogue #2
Ch. 16 Epilogue #3
Ch. 17 A message from the author...