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Submitted:Saturday, 14 December 2019
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As a recent graduate, Alina can finally call herself a Doctor of Psychology. She's worked hard for this, she's put in so much time and has dreamed of what she will do after college. But now that she's made it, what are her next steps?
This story follows Alina as she decides where her path will take her. She longs to enact change, but fears the road ahead of her. Her doctoral dissertation involved the most important research she's ever conducted: creating a community where criminals with mental disorders can rehabilitate in the real world and learn to live with their illnesses.
When an opportunity arises for her to turn her research into a reality with a trial run of one of these communities, she's left excited and terrified. With a 12 year old daughter at home, she has to decide just how much time she can dedicate to a project of this magnitude and consider the implications if she fails- and a lot of people think she will fail. Her life and professional reputation could be on the line before she's even made a name for herself in the psychology community.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Doctor of Psychology
Ch. 2 New York
Ch. 3 Doctor Montgomery
Ch. 4 Second Chances
Ch. 5 We'll Miss You
Ch. 6 A Bad Taste
Ch. 7 A Pot of Gold
Ch. 8 Good Things Take Time
Ch. 9 I Hope It Works Out
Ch. 10 Small Victories
Ch. 11 The Pains of Love
Ch. 12 D.I.D.
Ch. 13 Irish Whiskey


Kelly Maree Sunday, 15 December 2019
Cool premise

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