Shadow World (Fixed)
GenreYoung Adult / Fantasy
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 4 September 2019
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I never knew the world like this existed. I lived in a world where the worst thing that had ever happened to me was when Suzie kissed Mike at freshman homecoming. Now my eyes had been forced open to view the world as it really was. A violent and scary place, where the word monster was no longer a figure of speech.
I had no idea that the stories were real. I never believed in the fairy tales, or legends, or any of that supernatural crap. It was all things made up to scare kids into doing what their parents wanted. Or so I thought.
In the end, it made no difference what I believed in. Those things I thought were all bullshit, they believed in me.
The Fairytales, legends, the things that gave us nightmares when we're children they came and found me. Some of them had come to hurt me. Others to save me. A few had been there all along. Hiding in the shadows, lying to me about who they really were until they were able to pounce like the animals they were.
My world was turned upside down almost instantly as my view of the world was shattered and replaced with something new. Something that terrified me, a world I hope most will never witness.
I was forced to leave my home, my family with no notice, no chance to say goodbye. I did not even have time to pack a bag or leave a note to my mother who I knew was going to lose her mind when she realized I was gone. I had to start a new life with a new group of people if you can even call them that. Let's just go with creatures. A new life with a group of creatures I did not know and wish I had never met. I wish I was still oblivious. It's much easier living being oblivious and carefree. I wish I still did not know they were real. That they existed at all. None of that matters though because like I said before they believed in me. They want me for some reason that's still not clear to me, so I really had no choice. The rest of my life had already been decided for me and I had no idea or say about.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Introduction
Ch. 1 Earth To Aurora (Part One)
Ch. 2 Earth To Aurora (Part Two)
Ch. 3 Earth To Aurora (Part Three)
Ch. 4 The Party (Part One)
Ch. 5 The Party (Part Two)
Ch. 6 The Party (Part Three)
Ch. 7 The Party (Part Four)
Ch. 8 The Party (Part Five)
Ch. 9 The Party (Part Six)
Ch. 10 The Party (Part Seven)
Ch. 11 The Party (Part Eight)
Ch. 12 Scared Of The Dark (Part One)


Kelly Maree Thursday, 5 September 2019
The blurb seems too long, like a wall of text, and sounds like a first chapter. But, in saying that, it sounds like someone is talking to you, telling you the tale, rather than sounding like words on a page, if that makes any kind of sense. It's really engrossing, though!

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