Horses: Everything You Never Wanted to Know
GenreYoung Adult / Humour
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 1 May 2019
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Ending up at equine therapy camp was a mistake. Ava felt quite sure about that and even more sure when she was sent to muck out the horse paddock. Horses have nasty habits and are best avoided except, of course, when you have run out of options. And, as it turned out, getting sent to equine therapy was not Ava's first mistake.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 They Shit
Ch. 2 They Have Bad Breath
Ch. 3 They Bite
Ch. 4 They Make You Sneeze
Ch. 5 They Are Way Too Big
Ch. 6 They Step on Your Foot
Ch. 7 They Know too Much About You (And That's Creepy)
Ch. 8 All They Think About is Food
Ch. 9 They Can Sleep Standing Up With Their Eyes Open
Ch. 10 They Just Keep on Shitting
Ch. 11 Just Hold on to Your Carrots
Ch. 12 They Like to Think They're in Charge
Ch. 13 They Don't Shrink Overnight
Ch. 14 They are not Really Designed to Just Go Round and Round
Ch. 15 They Have History Too
Ch. 16 They Can Swim
Ch. 17 They Get Sick
Ch. 18 They Are Not Possums
Ch. 19 As Unlikely as it Seems, Sometimes They are There for You
Ch. 20 They Smell (And there is no way to put that politely)
Ch. 21 The Contraption with the Funny Metal Thing and the Straps is Called a Bridle
Ch. 22 They Can Fly (sort of)
Ch. 23 They Sweat
Ch. 24 They Roll
Ch. 25 They are Hard-wired for Honesty
Ch. 26 They Break your Heart


Forever Incomplete Monday, 6 May 2019
These titles alone are hilarious! I'll definately give this a read later (if I don't forget)!
N. Renč Sunday, 5 May 2019
Incredibly funny and grabbed my attention. I'm living for the chapter titles! People are sure to lap this up - the story, I mean, not the shit! Haha, kudos to you!

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