Dear Death (complete)
GenreYoung Adult / Suspense
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 25 December 2018
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What would you do if you only had a month to live?

"Holding the rope, a thought trickled through my mind. If I strangle him and we go off road here, I could most likely escape... He'd crash into a tree, possibly get knocked out and I'd be safe in the back seat... I felt the smile creep onto my face."

Originally a short story called ESCAPE, Dear Death follows the tale of three seemingly random girls as they're kidnapped by a beast.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Questions
Ch. 2 Rules
Ch. 3 Enemy
Ch. 4 Pact
Ch. 5 Tense
Ch. 6 Shattered
Ch. 7 Attempt
Ch. 8 Distrust
Ch. 9 Contact
Ch. 10 Reconciliation
Ch. 11 Fight or Flight
Ch. 12 Dread
Ch. 13 For Survival
Ch. 14 New Measures
Ch. 15 Realisations
Ch. 16 Change of Plans
Ch. 17 Lost
Ch. 18 Sorry and Mouse
Ch. 19 Unknown
Ch. 20 Predator and Prey
Ch. 21 Puppet
Ch. 22 Clarity
Ch. 23 Proximity
Ch. 24 Good Girl
Ch. 25 Implantation/Test
Ch. 26 Execution
Ch. 27 Broken
Ch. 28 Ophiuchus
Ch. 29 Dear Death


Stunning English Friday, 22 February 2019
Sorry it took me so long but I've finally finished this. I really like that you get to the point right away which is something I do in my own writing. I did find the dialogue a little bit confusing at times because I didn't know who was saying what. It did improve as I read on. I like the ending and am wondering if this will be a series?
paul schoaff Tuesday, 19 February 2019
got some Stockholm Syndrome working here? I think you have a nice, tight, writing style. The subject matter isn't something I would tackle, and, frankly, it doesn't sound as though you actually experienced this sort of abuse. There must be evocative things that happened, or are happening, in your real life that would be both entertaining for readers and therapeutic for yourself to write about. Good luck in future!
TheNovelReader Monday, 18 February 2019
Also who is nervous newbie and why is that person leaving so much detailed feedback on all your postings? Is that you posing as someone else to hype up your work? I truly hope not
Taboo Tales Saturday, 26 January 2019
To elaborate,
Oh my. That ending was great! I love that it wasnt a ™happy ever after™ end. Overall, it was a very engageing story. You have a unique style, and you seem to have mastered plot progression. The charaters were intresting, and I loved following along with them. On a general note, this would make a very good Book 1 of a triology, or even a series. Thank you for shareing this with me. Keep me in mind when you start your next project, Id love to read it too.
Taboo Tales Friday, 25 January 2019
Omg! Awesome, I hope your book gets published. It was well thought out with great characters!

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