Paradise Green: Letters to My Dad
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Submitted:Tuesday, 30 August 2016
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I love my dad. His name is Bob Cherry, but I call him "Popadopolis" or just Pops. My whole life he has always been active in sports of one kind or another including tennis, racquetball, and golf. Now 79, my dad and my stepmother in an upscale development in Tennessee in which golfing is one of the favorite recreational options. Though I am hardly a glofer, I have golfed with him a few times, and what I like best about golfing is just being on the course for its well-manicured beauty. There is something about a groomed semi-natural setting that instills a sense of peace and harmony, for me at least. Compared to others of which I've only seen pictures, those are only average, I suspect. The best ones rival ones or even surpass the most scenic natural landscapes in the world. Imagine one, and all the reasons you think it's beautiful. What would you think if you actually went to a hitherto golf paradise and found it overgrown with brush and weeds, and littered with trash and dilapidated buildings. You would know something was wrong. You would probably feel bad and you would wonder about the causes. For this reason I think the idyllic golf course is a good analogy for life and the human condition in many ways because of how much it takes to maintain a world-class golf course and the things that can go wrong. And that's what these letters to my dad are about.


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Ch. 1 September 1, 2016
Ch. 2 October 10, 2008
Ch. 3 November 28, 2008
Ch. 4 June 1, 2009
Ch. 5 November 11, 2009
Ch. 6 February 8, 2010
Ch. 7 December 26, 2008
Ch. 8 January 11, 2009
Ch. 9 February 7, 2009