Stories Varied - A Book of Short Stories
GenreShort Stories
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Tuesday, 7 June 2016
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Stories Varied delve into the possibilities of woman’s life in the man’s world. While Ilaa’s Ire takes one back to woman’s life and times in the Vedic age, ‘201’ Qualms depicts her predicament when torn between trust and duty. If “?” addresses woman’s marital stress in an alien land, Cupid’s Clue is about her acting on a rebound in the native place. Even as Autumn Love enables a woman to discover the void late in life, A Touchy Affair renders her amenable to her man’s other woman well in time. Just as Love’s How’s That inflames her old flame, A Hearty Turn brings the female lesbian leanings to the fore. As Love Jihad bridges lovers’ religious divide with a secular plank, Tenth Nook creates a marital gulf on the material plane. If Eleventh Hour is about woman’s lust for love, Twelfth Tale underscores her quest for power.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Ilaa’s Ire
Ch. 2 ‘201’ Qualms
Ch. 3 “?”
Ch. 4 Cupid’s Clue
Ch. 5 Autumn Love
Ch. 6 A Touchy Affair
Ch. 7 Love’s How’s That?
Ch. 8 A Hearty Turn
Ch. 9 Love Jihad
Ch. 10 Tenth Nook
Ch. 11 Eleventh Hour
Ch. 12 Twelfth Tale