Blaze the eagle warrior
GenreFan fiction / Romance
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Thursday, 24 March 2016
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It's about a man Blaze cursed to live as a eagle under the full moon will he be able to find love to break his curse


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Kellee meets Rain
Ch. 2 Rain meets Blaze in eagle form
Ch. 3 Blaze falls in love with Rain
Ch. 4 Blaze recovers from his injuries
Ch. 5 Blaze finds horses to sell and meets Charger
Ch. 6 Blaze gets Charger
Ch. 7 Blaze in trouble Charger to the rescue
Ch. 8 Blaze sick Rain tends to him
Ch. 9 Rain looks after Blaze
Ch. 10 Kellee goes to see Blaze
Ch. 11 Rain talks to Blaze
Ch. 12 Blaze tells Rain about his mother Nyara
Ch. 13 Blaze's fever returns
Ch. 14 Blaze recovers from his fever
Ch. 15 Blaze takes Rain and Kellee to meet his family
Ch. 16 Rain and Kellee meet Blaze's sisters
Ch. 17 Blaze fights a mountain lion
Ch. 18 Blaze injured
Ch. 19 Rain tells Blaze to try and talk to Ahearn
Ch. 20 Blaze talks to Ahearn about Nyara
Ch. 21 Nyara's spirit visits Blaze while he's sleeping
Ch. 22 Ahearn goes to see Blaze
Ch. 23 Blaze reconnects with Ahearn in ten years
Ch. 24 Blaze's broken ribs heal
Ch. 25 Blaze goes to look for more horses to sell
Ch. 26 Blaze gets the horses he needs
Ch. 27 Blaze returns home
Ch. 28 Blaze thinks about his curse
Ch. 29 Rain rides Blaze the eagle
Ch. 30 Blaze fights Einar in eagle form
Ch. 31 Rain looks shocked when Blaze kissed her
Ch. 32 Blaze takes Einar back
Ch. 33 Einar recovers
Ch. 34 Blaze takes Rain to her village
Ch. 35 Rain tells Einar's parents that she's moved on
Ch. 36 Blaze and Rain return home
Ch. 37 Blaze checks the moon chart
Ch. 38 Rain asks where Lydia is now
Ch. 39 Rain leaves to confront Lydia
Ch. 40 Lydia captures Rain
Ch. 41 Blaze and Ahearn go to rescue Rain
Ch. 42 Blaze and Ahearn arrive at Lydia's cabin
Ch. 43 Blaze and Lydia fight as Ahearn frees Rain from the cage
Ch. 44 Blaze orders Lydia to wake Rain up
Ch. 45 Blaze talks to Rain
Ch. 46 Blaze's decision
Ch. 47 Rain accepts Blaze's hand in marriage
Ch. 48 Blaze and Rain plan their wedding
Ch. 49 The day of Blaze's and Rain's wedding day arrives
Ch. 50 Rain's surprise
Ch. 51 Colt and Sable ten years later
Ch. 52 Kellee the older sister
Ch. 53 Blaze heads to fight for the king
Ch. 54 The second battle
Ch. 55 Blaze trapped
Ch. 56 Blaze reunited with Rain
Ch. 57 Blaze gets distant
Ch. 58 Blaze wonders if his curse will ever be broken
Ch. 59 Blaze and Ahearn leave to get more horses for the king
Ch. 60 Returning home
Ch. 61 Rain names the mare Sunburst
Ch. 62 Blaze takes back the herd of unicorns
Ch. 63 Blaze and Bright wing take the herd back to the elf kingdom
Ch. 64 Blaze and Rain arrive in the Elf kingdom
Ch. 65 Haldor shows Blaze and Rain around the valley
Ch. 66 Blaze moves his family to the valley
Ch. 67 Haldor lets them get settled
Ch. 68 Blaze's curse finally breaks


Pin3apple Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Interesting beginning and I love the creativity of the story idea! I'm a little confused although because I do feel it is a bit rushed. Remember that while writing you are able to stretch out time. The best advice that I can give others is to show what is happening and not to tell. While writing on this site I actually recommend that you don't even write here. WOP doesn't have grammar corrections like Word. I usually write on word first and do my corrections and such. Then I copy and paste it onto here. I find it easier but it's a personal preference and you're the writer of your own story.

I hope I have helped!! :)
SP Reid Monday, 25 April 2016
Was thinking of you and your story tonight as I walked, watching the full moon...

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