Jewel-less Crown: Saga of Life
GenreLiterary Fiction / Romance
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Thursday, 28 January 2016
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It's perilous penning this blurb.
It's fine when man is modest about his work.
It even affords him the aura of an invisible crown!
But what about his work?
Were it an art or craft, it is there for all to see.
What of a literary work of an unheralded author?
Well, lauding the same might raise one's eyebrows.
Failing to praise wouldn't make a 'jewel-less crown' either!
Why not see, if this is the great Indian novel.
This is the story of the rise and fall of an ambitious man, the decline, and the decay of his conniving wife, the trials, and tribulations of their wayward son as well as the grit and gall of a spirited woman, who enters into his life.
This depiction of their life and times not only pictures the facets of ambition and achievement, intrigue and betrayal, compulsion and compromise, sleaze and scandal, trial and sentence, but also portrays the possibilities of repentance and resolution, love and empathy coupled with compassion and contribution, leading to the spirituality of materialism, and that makes it the saga of our times.
The story of a lifetime, truly.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Party Gone Sour
Ch. 2 Trauma at Tihar
Ch. 3 Mind of the Maligned
Ch. 4 Twist at Tees Hazari
Ch. 5 Trial in Camera
Ch. 6 Dilemma of Qualms
Ch. 7 Moment of Reckoning
Ch. 8 End within the End
Ch. 9 Vestiges of Prestige
Ch. 10 High on Rebound
Ch. 11 Bellows of Delhi
Ch. 12 Dicing with Life
Ch. 13 Spidering Spadework
Ch. 14 Loss to Order
Ch. 15 Daring the Fate
Ch. 16 Victims of Deceit
Ch. 17 Baring the Soul
Ch. 18 Garland of Guilt
Ch. 18 Garland of Guilt
Ch. 19 Bliss of Being
Ch. 20 Collage of Crime
Ch. 21 Domain of the Devil
Ch. 22 Renaissance of Life
Ch. 23 Sprouts of Love
Ch. 24 Despair of Hope
Ch. 25 Turn at the Bend
Ch. 26 Amity of Empathy
Ch. 27 A Day to Remember
Ch. 28 Spirituality of Materialism
Ch. 29 Sense of Reincarnation
Ch. 30 Epilogue