Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife (A critical appraisal of Islamic faith, Indian polity)
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Submitted:Saturday, 23 January 2016
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On one hand, this ‘book of logic ‘n reasoning’ appraises the Islamic faith shaped by the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching in Mecca and the severity of his sermons in Medina, which together make it Janus-faced to bedevil the minds of the Musalmans.
That apart, aided by “I’m Ok – You’re Ok”, the path-breaking work of Thomas A. Harris and Roland E Miller’s “Muslim Friends–Their Faith and Feeling”, this work for the first time ever, psycho-analyses the imperatives of the Muslim upbringing that has the potential to turn a faithful and a renegade alike into a fidayēn.
On the other hand, this work, besides appraising the monumental rise and the decadent fall of Hindu intellectualism, analyses how the sanātana dharma came to survive in India, in spite of the combined onslaught of Islam and the Christianity on Hinduism for over a millennium.
Also, besides providing a panoramic view of the Indian history, this thought-provoking book appraises the way Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Azad, Ambedkar, Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao, Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi et al made or unmade the post-colonial India.
Possibly in a new genre this free eBook is a book for our times.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Preface of Strife
Ch. 2 Advent of Dharma
Ch. 3 God’s quid pro Quo
Ch. 4 Pyramids of Wisdom
Ch. 5 Ascent to Descent
Ch. 6 The Zero People
Ch. 7 Coming of the Christ
Ch. 8 Legacy of Prophecy
Ch. 9 War of Words
Ch. 10 Czar of Medina
Ch. 11 Angels of War
Ch. 12 Privates of ‘the God’
Ch. 13 Playing to the Gallery
Ch. 14 Perils of History
Ch. 15 Pitfalls of Faith
Ch. 16 Blinkers of Belief
Ch. 17 Shackles of Sharia
Ch. 18 Anatomy of Islam
Ch. 19 Fight for the Souls
Ch. 20 India in Coma
Ch. 21 Double Jeopardy
Ch. 22 Paradise of Parasites
Ch. 23 The Number Game
Ch. 24 Winds of Change
Ch. 25 Ant Grows Wings
Ch. 26 Constitutional Amnesia
Ch. 27 The Stymied State
Ch. 28 The Wages of God
Ch. 29 Delusions of Grandeur
Ch. 30 Ways of the Bigots
Ch. 31 The Rift Within
Ch. 32 The Way Around
Ch. 33 The Hindu Rebound
Ch. 34 Italian Interregnum
Ch. 35 Rama Rajya
Ch. 36 Wait for the Savant