The Story of Her Life
GenreRomance / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Saturday, 19 December 2015
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Do you know how it feels to be neglected, to feel worthless, to be unloved? Tanya does.

Zach had been everything. Tanya's heart, her anchor, her soul-mate. Until one piece of news shattered her reality and one scarring night shattered the rest of her.

Experiencing love, hate, pain and fear all in one, turns Tanya into a person she does not recognize - a person she is more than willing to be to forget her past. But can you ever leave your past behind, can a person ever truly change, and will forgiving and forgetting ever coexist?

Tanya learns what it really means to love and live as she tackles hurdles to restore her life and happiness. This is how the story goes.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue
Ch. 1 Chapter One
Ch. 2 Chapter Two
Ch. 3 Chapter Three
Ch. 4 Chapter Four
Ch. 5 Chapter Five
Ch. 6 Chapter Six