Secrets of a Troubled Mind
GenreRomance / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Saturday, 11 July 2009
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``Kaisa Moore is a eighteen year old Human girl,,, on the outside. On the inside, she is a 602 year old Faerie. She was born to Full Faerie parents, who believe that she doesn`t look old enough to pull off being a adult, so she must go to high school, like any other Teenager.

``Kaisa and her family currently live in the small town of Ashton, on the Olympic Peninsula. She attends Ashton High School, where she believes that she is the only Immortal.

``One day, she meets a boy by the name of Jeremy Blake. He is everything she wants in a boy,,, Nice, Funny, Handsome,,, Everything except truthful. He fills her mind with his lies, and she never suspects a thing.

``Just when things are starting to get good for Kaisa, things happen that set her life on a unstoppable rollercoaster. And old Love returns, a her soul-mate arrives; but she doesn`t know this yet, one of her best friends turns out to be Immortal, and she makes new friends that are all Immortal too,,, Leaving her not understanding how life could come and throw you so many surprises in two weeks.

``She finds unexpected love with a new friend, and this love lets her experience feelings she had never felt in her 600 years.

``But just when things start to get normal again, things happen which push her off that unstoppable rollercoaster, and send her spiralling into nothingness with no way to fly,,, Until a huge event stops everything in its tracks, and causes her to loose what is near and dear to her. Forever.

OKAY!!! Here it is, my darlings!!!! You`ve heard about it,,, you`ve read it,,, now you shall rate it!! Comment!!! Whatever it is that you do!!! Lol,,, I have worked my a** off since July to get where I am today on this book, and I would really appreciate it if you don`t say nasty comments about what I have written,,, Message me them instead. Please?
Also, don`t steal any of my ideas, names or storylines,,, I have worked really hard for it, and it would break my heart if any of you stole my pride and joy,,,
So,,, yeah. That's all from me. =] Keep up the comments and ratings,,, you all have no idea how much it means to me.

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Love you all!
Kaisa S. Moore


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Pictures of things. :)
Ch. 1 A Normal Day In My Life,,, I Wish It Were More Simple.
Ch. 2 Boys. Never Listen To Them, Shayanah. Not If You Want To Live.
Ch. 3 Hmm... Maybe Some Boys Aren't So Bad... Depends On Who They Are.
Ch. 4 Remebering The Day, Probably Not Good For Me While I Was So Worried.
Ch. 5 Talking To The Boy Who Saved Me. I Do Wish That He Would Back Off Though.
Ch. 6 The First Day At School For The Newbie. The Poor Guy... I Don't Envy Him.
Ch. 7 Confrontations Are Never Fun, Especially Not With My Best Friend.
Ch. 8 Talking To Many People In One Go,,, YAY!
Ch. 9 Reading The Big Book That Was Bound To Get Us In Trouble Sometime. Great.
Ch. 10 He can`t be back... No... Please, God, NO!
Ch. 11 Singing With Alexis... Then Izzy Had To Jump To My Mind,
Ch. 12 Visiting Isabella In Phoenix... So Much More Exciting Than Ashton.
Ch. 13 My Final Days In Phoenix... Jeremy Had To Come And Barge In, Didn't He?
Ch. 14 Life Is Good... But Will It Last? With My Record... I Don't Think So.
Ch. 15 A Freaky Day, That Seems To Be The Making Of A Normal One... How Fun.
Ch. 16 The New Students Find Their Way Deep Into Our Already Screwed Up Lives.
Ch. 17 This Boy Is Odd... Very Odd... I Like It.
Ch. 18 Showing Off Is Something I Was Told Never To Do... But I Just Can't Help It.
Ch. 19 Talking Away To Those Two Boys Wasted My Lunch Time... But It Was Worth It.
Ch. 20 Unexpected Surprises Are Never On My List Of Good Things To Happen.
Ch. 21 I Hurt His Feelings... And I Didn't Mean To... WHat Kind Of Friend Am I?
Ch. 22 The Kaulitz House Is Almost As Nice As Mine... But Mine Doesnt Have A Greenhouse
Ch. 23 Organizing An Event With People Coming From Across The Country Isn't Easy.
Ch. 24 I seem To Be Breaking A Lot Of Things Today...
Ch. 25 The Aftermath Of All The Breaks. Wonderful Fun, Nein?
Ch. 26 Getting All The Answers To Your Questions Is Always A Mission.
Ch. 27 Tom Might Just Be Slightly Crazy, But That's Okay, 'Cause I Am Too.
Ch. 28 Jamming With The Dreaded One. Even Though I Had Fun, It Hurt To Remember...
Ch. 29 Betrayal Is Hard To Deal With... That's why I don`t care anymore,,,
Ch. 31 The Night We All Came Together For The First Time.
Ch. 32 Authors Note.
Ch. 33 An Interesting Game Of Truth Or Dare...
Ch. 34 Now The Night Is Taking A Turn For The Worse.
Ch. 35 It Was About This Time That The Night Went Downhill For Me.
Ch. 36 Why battle each other when we could band together and fight this?


ms161995 Friday, 8 February 2013
OMFG!!! What happens next? This is awesome! You have to finish it!!!!
NeveAdams Monday, 31 December 2012
Very interesting!! I really do like it.
jes cane Sunday, 12 June 2011
amazing j love it
Brianna Friday, 31 December 2010
oooooh I wonder what happensssss!!! lmaooooo jkjk im rereading your books again cuz they are just sooo amazing lovee!!! :):):)
Brianna Tuesday, 28 December 2010
thanks for writing moreee!!!!!!

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