the world within me
by Ella
GenrePoetry / Spiritual
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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Who was out there
In the darkness of the night
In the silence and the cold
I lost all my might
And spoke of a story untold
In the weary morning meadow
I look but cannot find
Myself a better tomorrow
A better tomorrow of mine
At the brokenness of dawn
I look from the stream
Who stole my pathetic yawn
As I awoke from the dream
What lay in the twilight of evening
Where was I to rest
I hear my soft and sad breathing
Whom was I to bless
As quiet as the people
That lay before the stone
I went all weak and feeble
And shatter did my bone
I stood beside the grave
Ready to relent
Of pain was I a slave
But netheless I repent
I felt no more of pain
No longer did life I cherish
I open my eyes again
The God that saved me and perished


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Who was out there
Ch. 2 The wind took not my sadness
Ch. 3 After the papers
Ch. 4 Night
Ch. 5 The girl who cannot smile
Ch. 6 Beyond how the world reasons
Ch. 7 A greater dream
Ch. 8 Delightful Birthday
Ch. 9 the beautiful bald eagle
Ch. 10 Hold my hands one last time
Ch. 11 Break my heart for what breaks yours
Ch. 12 Hopscotch Chopsticks
Ch. 13 Your last moments
Ch. 14 I never knew
Ch. 15 Questionnaire
Ch. 16 Each Day
Ch. 17 Disappear
Ch. 18 Painting and Practicing
Ch. 19 this special gift of mine
Ch. 20 Yellow Leaves turn green
Ch. 21 Bloody Roses
Ch. 22 forgotten friendships
Ch. 23 the world came crashing down
Ch. 24 Give up
Ch. 25 keep my Secret Safely
Ch. 26 first love
Ch. 27 where your blood was shed for me
Ch. 28 the only day worth living
Ch. 29 which god laid down his life for you
Ch. 30 living for another
Ch. 31 feeling weary
Ch. 32 song of sorrow
Ch. 33 my story
Ch. 35 my father's load
Ch. 36 Song
Ch. 37 Rhythm
Ch. 38 loving sinners
Ch. 39 missing Isabel
Ch. 40 beat
Ch. 41 no mortal man
Ch. 42 Warnings
Ch. 43 Joy song
Ch. 44 Cry
Ch. 45 Rock Bottom Pit
Ch. 46 Get over it
Ch. 47 little tears
Ch. 48 one cry to God
Ch. 49 aloud
Ch. 50 priority
Ch. 51 cry if you must
Ch. 52 second from the front
Ch. 53 sulfur lake
Ch. 54 do it for God
Ch. 55 the magic of sorrow
Ch. 56 conformity
Ch. 57 princess
Ch. 58 searching for a smile
Ch. 59 take away those memories
Ch. 60 forevermore
Ch. 61 blessed
Ch. 62 rough diamond
Ch. 63 if i have not loved
Ch. 64 drowning noise
Ch. 65 Listen
Ch. 66 merely piak piaks
Ch. 67 hate
Ch. 68 fast dance
Ch. 69 rust
Ch. 70 nothing else but prayer
Ch. 71 Hamster's death
Ch. 72 I just want someone to tell me
Ch. 73 To tire
Ch. 74 Child's cry
Ch. 75 If tomorrow doesn't come
Ch. 76 dangerous prayer
Ch. 77 Unanswered Prayer
Ch. 78 Subtlety of life
Ch. 79 the writer's greatest fear
Ch. 80 A Night Sigh
Ch. 81 First Love
Ch. 82 a shoulder, an ear, a wish, a prayer
Ch. 83 Ending the Day
Ch. 84 Published
Ch. 85 Missing
Ch. 86 searching for joy
Ch. 87 Sacrifice
Ch. 88 When everything is over
Ch. 89 Praise
Ch. 90 the happiest people
Ch. 91 Love
Ch. 92 When you realise
Ch. 93 Race through my forest
Ch. 94 Friend
Ch. 95 A Smile to share
Ch. 96 Eternal Suicide
Ch. 97 The worst emotion
Ch. 98 The God who is
Ch. 99 Consider the love of God
Ch. 100 Freedom
Ch. 101 Our Father
Ch. 102 Pride
Ch. 103 You are His living hope
Ch. 104 Sing
Ch. 105 God's Purpose Stands
Ch. 106 Grace
Ch. 107 Thank You Lord
Ch. 108 Reminisce
Ch. 109 When and Where
Ch. 110 My Father's Dance
Ch. 111 the beauty of Loneliness
Ch. 112 Vulnerable in Love
Ch. 113 the Lord is my Shepherd
Ch. 114 Day Break Beckons
Ch. 115 Glory
Ch. 116 Learn to love again
Ch. 117 Empty
Ch. 118 Of the World
Ch. 119 What life is this
Ch. 120 Think Again
Ch. 121 Lover of my Soul
Ch. 122 Second Birth
Ch. 123 Even If
Ch. 124 The Living Dead
Ch. 125 Pursuit
Ch. 126 Rejection
Ch. 127 My grandmother
Ch. 128 I battle
Ch. 129 Overwhelmed
Ch. 130 Sparse
Ch. 131 Lift my eyes
Ch. 132 Back to School
Ch. 133 Writing
Ch. 134 Prayer
Ch. 135 Fighting


He Will Add Thursday, 17 April 2014
Love your style :)) So inspirational!
Garçon Thursday, 9 January 2014
These help me connect with my spiritual side. Despite the differences in how we seek divinity, it still propels me towards these religious thoughts and allows me to ask myself important questions. thanks
Stuart Lewsey Evans Tuesday, 7 January 2014
I am not religious in anyway but these poems are moving and so special, thank you for sharing them with us.
William Dance Jr. Wednesday, 30 October 2013
You have a way with words. I can't wait to read the next one!
William Dance Jr. Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Simply marvelous!

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