Withered Weather
by Ella
GenreFiction / Children
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Wednesday, 26 March 2008
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The withered weather peaked through the glass and stayed there for as long as an hour. Sunshine looked out longingly. She loved this kind of gloomy weather where sun light broke through rarely and when roads were wet with rain. The light drizzles soon pounded into thunder and a storm was brewing. Her tender eyes peered through the rain and saw that the streets were rid of the childrenís playing and laughter. She settled back into bed with a wicked smile upon her face. No more children playing, no more girls giggling, no more boys fighting and no more laughter. This was all she had for contentment. Nothing to speak of and nothing worth hearing, all except the heavy patter of every raindrop.
She lay back happily and soaked in the feather covers of her rich quilt. She loved the rain for one reason. In the quiet and darkness of rainy days, no child would play upon the street and she would be able to see no one running about. This was exactly what she loved about withered weather. Sunshine as a child was born to the world without the sense of touch. She could not feel anything physically but her emotions were wild. She had always loved to play just like any other child, but when she was older, she had hurt herself multiple times and her parents felt it not right to let her run about on her own. She was kept indoor at all times and the gloom of the house was ingrained into her. She became a feeless girl. Unable to feel anything literally, the only sense of touch she had was her fiery emotions. Things that were much more dangerous than fire or fencing.
Everyone outside did not know that this girl had turned into a stone. They never heard much about her. No one except her parents and the maid servants knew much about her. She was once such an adorable girl. In school, she was loved by all her teachers and friends. She had such a normal and happy childhood until the day her parents decided to lock her in. As Sunshine was just a child, she naturally wanted to go out and play and meet her friends. But the maid servants kept her in and this resulted in tantrums everyday. Soon, she became so attached to the house that she barely stepped out. She would stay in bed all day gazing dreamily out of her bedroom window. That was her world. Behind a glass window was all she could feel and beyond was only a landscape of sight. She couldnít touch anything. But now she couldnít experience anything. Being kept to herself all day long, she grew quieter and was soon a very reserved girl. Everything that she heard was kept to herself. She bottled up everything, only letting it out in loud, violent blasts of anger occasionally. There wasnít much she knew about anyway. The real world was kept far from her reach. Although it was just beyond the doors of the house, she couldnít ever reach out and touch it. There were the ordinary newspapers and television, but none of that made any sense to this soon becoming queer child. She didnít know how to read much and she was bored to death from news. She didnít crave to know about that kind of adultís world. She wanted to be like other children but unable to, it all became her vague imagination. As though it was just a long forgotten dream, she started detesting the outside world. She was jealous of the other children that had more than she did. So every time it rained on the streets, she would delight.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Withering
Ch. 2 Closed world
Ch. 3 Reluctance
Ch. 4 Unreal
Ch. 5 Cheerfulness
Ch. 6 Delighful
Ch. 7 Outburst
Ch. 8 Hidden
Ch. 9 Ignorance
Ch. 10 Missed
Ch. 11 Grim
Ch. 12 Painful Disability
Ch. 13 contrasting character
Ch. 14 running away
Ch. 15 defeated
Ch. 16 anger
Ch. 17 smile
Ch. 18 fighting hope
Ch. 19 trapped
Ch. 20 first words
Ch. 21 breaking loneliness
Ch. 22 forbidden memories
Ch. 23 hating the rain
Ch. 24 hindrance
Ch. 25 the joy of friendship
Ch. 26 self denial
Ch. 27 Strength
Ch. 28 peace
Ch. 29 sunshine


annabeth543 Saturday, 22 June 2013
It was seriously fabulous- I loved it! The only thing I found a bit forced was the sudden happiness of Sunshine's when she first went to Lavender's house- it could have been more descriptive and not so sudden tpp
annabeth543 Saturday, 22 June 2013
I have never ever ever read any story in my entire life as touching and feeling as yours! Your writing is seriously fab!
annabeth543 Saturday, 22 June 2013
I love your writing so much! Its beautiful really, and I wish I could write like you!
Vivia Strachan Austin Aut Tuesday, 2 October 2012
I like this so far.
Pin3apple Wednesday, 18 April 2012
Her house must be big to have lots of dangers. ;)i liked ur story i got hooked when i read chapter 1/the info. I bielieve mayb u should try now just perfecting the work. but truly, idk wat to say. This book sounds like its already published and i kno i would so buy it:)
can u read my story and give me some tips? itd b helpful cuz im only twelve. THANKS!:)

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