Shh...It's A Secret
by MelB
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Sunday, 6 July 2014
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Who said keeping a friendís secret is easy? Especially when your friend is the secret.
Emma moves across the country to live with her Uncle for senior year only to realize that two members of her favorite band (including her celebrity crush, Tobias) are secretly living next door. Thereís only one problem, she canít tell anyone.
For a famous rock star, Tobias has a lot of secrets. Secrets that only his best friend and co-band member knows. When his bandsí label have them working on their next album where his father still lives, Tobias is thrilled to spend time with his neighbor and mentor unbeknownst to the tabloids thatís been following him nearly everywhere since he became famous. Little did he know that his biggest secret, the girl he never could get out of his mind, is there as well.
Emma and Tobias get to know each other, become friends and maybe something more while trying to keep their relationship a secret to both Emmaís new friends and the tabloids.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Time To Leave
Ch. 2 The Concert
Ch. 3 Back in LA
Ch. 4 Meeting A Rock Star
Ch. 5 It's Her
Ch. 6 First Day of School
Ch. 7 Trinity In My House!
Ch. 8 Pumpkin
Ch. 9 Study Date
Ch. 10 A Way Around Secrets
Ch. 11 Skateboarding Event
Ch. 12 Surrounded By Fans And Cameras At The Beach
Ch. 13 Keeping Secrets
Ch. 14 Girls Can Ask Guys To Homecoming
Ch. 15 Incognito
Ch. 16 About The Dance
Ch. 17 How Much Trouble Can I Cause In 24 Hours
Ch. 18 Letter From My Dad
Ch. 19 Homecoming Dance
Ch. 20 It's Over!
Ch. 21 Meet & Greet & Diner
Ch. 22 Movies With... Friends
Ch. 23 My Birthday
Ch. 24 Halloween Party Can Go Wrong
Ch. 25 Amazing Gifts
Ch. 26 I Have To Do Something
Ch. 27 My Boyfriend's Reactions sucks
Ch. 28 Fooling Around With Tobias Has Consequences
Ch. 29 We're Just Friends... Right
Ch. 30 Moving On Isn't That Easy
Ch. 31 Disastrous consequences
Ch. 32 Being Miserable
Ch. 33 What I'd Do For A Friend
Ch. 34 Secrets Revealed
Ch. 35 I Can't Believe It
Ch. 36 My Mom's Birthday
Ch. 37 Some Promises Must Be Kept
Ch. 38 Spring Break
Ch. 39 A Special Place For A Special Question
Ch. 40 The Wedding
Ch. 41 Extra Scene #1: The Letter
Ch. 42 Extra Scene #2: The Day We Met


B.Morvan Friday, 11 July 2014
"A tear runs down my cheek as I read the small letter over and over again." That really emphasizes the passion in this story. Awesome work!

If you don't mind please read my work!
SpecialAgentDias Sunday, 6 July 2014
Amazing story! Really loved. the sorry line works really good. Amazing! :)

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